OP mode, OP? Hunters more so?


Played OP mode last night as monster, the medic was laz and the support was bucket I think.

I like to call this combo “No shields, no heals” and its usually GG from the hop.

But with the perk setup they had going they were actually out healing any damage I could do!!! With Laz!!!

I would spend 4-5 rounds of abilites on a single character hitting 95+% of my attacks 90% of the time!!!

By the time I could get even laz to about half health I would be down to 1-2 health bars and have to run.

Yes OP mode is supposed to be OP, but doesnt it highly favor hunters?

When you first start the round the perk animals arent out yet, so you just eat. The perk animals seem to originate closer to the drop ship so if the hunters are even half decent you can get maybe 1-2 perks by the time they catch you, yet they by that point have been travelling through the heart of perk central and are fully decked out by the first dome.

As monster its tough to sneak now as hunter perks can make that planet scanner come back in around 10 seconds or so.

I believe the main perks they were getting were ability regen oriented, it was so crazy to heavily focus a hunter who would still be at 100% health after 3-4 rounds of abilities!! With Laz as the medic!!!

Even if you do reach the perk first u need to eat the whole thing to get the perk, but hunters can shoot you and prevent the entire meal, saving the perk for themselves and also denying you of it. And I even had feeding speed on! Which I see now is a big flaw of this mode, you need to put all points into damage abilities and damage resistance and ability reloads, as if the hunters do this you will not be able to hurt them at all.

Combine this with a little prior info on what perks are where and which to get and it to me its too hunter favored.

They need to make all the perk creatures be out at the point the monster spawns, so you can freely choose perks to do battle with, which is the point of the mode.

Or turn off the planet scanner for that mode so you can sneak past hunters and get the perks they acquired.

I lived through about 4-5 domes, I choose good targets, I committed well and didnt change targets, I was hitting my abilities and comboing properly, yet I was completely unable to get even a single down, and as i said most of the time the focused hunter would be at 100% health regardless!

I thought the idea of the mode was kinda cool but its obvious there is too many variables to abuse and make the mode 100% unplayable, especially IMO for the monster.

Am i wrong 100%? or some lesser value? Why?


be behemoth
get 5 blue perks as bob


yeah but with some damage reduction, healing, and ability recharge the hunters can outheal any damage it seems.

Especially with bucket popping his recharged recharge and the medic popping heal bursts like 4th of july.

I seriously felt completely useless, like there was nothing I could have done, I wasnt making any real mistakes, they werent really able to avoid me, I wanst missing, nothing like that.

I just wasnt capable of hurting them, even a little. I was gorgon and had all points in web snare, acid spit and spider trap.


@Phillyblunz, play elder kraken and go straight for the damage buffs if you can. I won at stage 1 this way and it was fantastic.

Not sure if I will be able to do it again the same way, but really enjoyed it either way.


The key thing to do as a monster on OP is to stack as many buffs as you can (doesn’t really matter which type) and then engage the Hunters S1 before they can stack too many buffs. Generally by the time you’ve gotten the 5th stack you’ve got the edge you need, so bum rush them (as they’ll not be expecting an ambush that early in the game) and get a couple of quick strikes, get to S2 then stack the proper buffs you want (either blue or red or a mix of all 3) and then rinse and repeat.


If you’re struggling to find buffs at the beginning, head straight to the caves (where the tyrant used to be in that open cave section). There’s 3 buffs to start off with - one red (Venom Hound), yellow (Megamouth), and blue (Strider). They should always be the first buffs spawned. After that, you could probably beeline for the beach to grab a few just outside the cave there, or break LOS for a bit so the first three you killed respawn.

I believe the intention in not having all the central buffs spawned right away is so the monster can’t stack exactly what buffs he wants before the hunters get a chance to even get one or two. Otherwise the monster would have all blue/red stacked by the time the hunter’s boots are on the ground.


I loath this map and just leave if it appears, it’s no fun for monsters at all.


The OP wildlife spawn at the same time as the hunters, roughly 40 seconds in. They are evenly spread out all over the map except for the region around the dropship.

I don’t like the variant maps myself, but I just picked up a new monster strategy thats letting me completely melt the hunter team. Haven’t lost since, even as Bob.

I won’t go into detail what it is, I think the best things are learnt yourself and most players here would rather brush off something as completely broken (think planet scanner) than actually sitting down and figuring out if theres viable strategies and counters.

But I’ll let in on one secret on winning as monster on the OP map; Forget your regular playstyle. Stage 1 is all you need.


AFAIK when playing Goliath with 5 red buffs, you can Rock Throw + Leap Smash without any kind of delay. Throw in a Charge and Flame Breath when you don’t have a clear shot.

Isn’t that enough damage against the hunters?


IDK, I may be wrong but it feels like this:

  1. Spawn as monster and flee dropship location, grabbing a bit of food on the way, no buffs exist on the map yet.

  2. Hunters drop, at the same time elite wildlife near the drop ship begins to appear and slowly spread out towards the location of the monster.

(As I am usually by the beach and no elite wildlife is to be seen, but by the dropship I see several beams of light, then several seconds later more elite wildlife shows up and some is close enough to grab but still back towards the hunters, so its a choice to get that buff and be domed or just let them have it. Usually if you go for it they show up before you done eating and they prevnt you from getting the buff, then they take it.)

  1. You get domed trying to completely eat your second or maybe third elite creature, if they dont interrupt you and steal it.

  2. They already have 5 buffs each, seemingly tailor made to their playstyles and I am being made close to 100% ineffective in any/all of my attacks.

  3. Dome drops once I lose enough health, I run and they are able to chase for at least 10-15% of the map chipping away more health.

  4. I get domed again trying to eat my 5th buff, but they arent combat buffs as i really had no options, and just eat what was in front of me. this dome usually results in me having such little health and still no first down, so I stay for a second or two until dead.

  5. I vote to skip every OP match after that.

If I felt there was even a chance to fight back I would play more but it was made obvious to me in that one match, if hunters know what perks they want and where they are it is almost impossible for me to survive, much less actually win.

I am going to have to start recording my matches, I am sure you dont get the full situation I had, when you hit every one of your attacks on a single target as soon as the ability comes up, and combo quick, and even LAZ!!! Can out heal that damage I just realise there has got to be something broken in this mode.

I could only see doing ti again with cheats like a map showing every elite spawn and taking the exact same path each time to make sure I’m more OP then then, etc.

But hey i like the meteor map, but people say its monster biased so thats probably why…


I think some good fixes for this mode would be:

  • hunters can not share perks, one animal one perk, period. That is more fair.

  • Also why make the monster have to eat it 100%??

  • Why not have a few elite buffs on the opposite side of the map for the monster to get while the hunters spawn? As they have buffs available immediately after leaving the ship, right at their feet.

  • Or just make the buffs appear everywhere on the map right as the hunters spawn, the monster should not have to go back towards the drop ship to get a buff. It seems you guys say this doesnt happen, but when I am at the beach and look for buffs I only see them initially back towards where I was. They dont spawn on the beach right until a bit later.

Whatever I would just avoid the mode altogether but I am actually having similar feeling about playing monster in general, the game isnt made for me anymore, but it used to feel like it was made especially for me.

I bought a PS4 because of this game.
I bought a GTX 1070 because of stage 2.
I am not enjoying playing as monster anymore:(
I dont want to quit playing but its sadism at this point.

Any news on possible telemetry data lately? Has hunter win rate shot up in the last couple weeks by a big margin?