OP meter monsters


Wraith - 100%
Kraken - 80%
Goliath - 20%

Hope devs will nerf it asap.


Maybe hunters aren’t good enough ?..

My mistake… Maybe hunter Players aren’t good enough ?


Good enough?? Decoy, supernova and the movement are whats makes that monster OP. theres little to no point in actually trying to hunt it. its too quick and has decoy. If you put the points right you can own at stage one with decoy/supernova. It takes the least skill to play. It needs some serous work before feb 10th rolls around. Yes i watched a dev livestream all day playing the wraith against OTHER devs and they had their hands full with a stage 1 wraith(since they had an agreement not to evolve with the wraith) That alone should tell you that the monster needs some work.


Goliath - 10%
Kraken - 40%
Wraith - 60%


Daisy - 120%


Eh, As the monster just go in and out of water. you leave no smell trail behind or footprints in the water its a good tactic to lose daisy


Sure of that ? Details ?

Do even hunters try to quickly get away a supernova cloud…?
Do they search for the real Wraith instead of shooting desperately at the decoy ?
Do they protect corpses in order to prevent Wraith to eat them while cloaked ?

Do they understand, after wasting consecutively three domes, that for example Wraith players will use three blinks + warp blast to get out of the dome ?
Quite always… So that trappers should either wait for the Wraith to use warpblast, either coordinate with their support to cloak themselves…


Goliath 20%? What kind of Monster game you playing? O.o

From the Hunter’s PoV, folks seem to have this strange urge to commit to fights too far gone for them to win; you CANNOT be afraid to run as the Monster. You HAVE to run. Don’t worry about killing the team in one single fight, for starters. Just get used to running. Once you can outrun a Hunter team loudly, then work on Stealth (That way if you fail it, you already know how to ditch them)
THEN focus on downing a guy then booking it (Pref Laz if he is there), then repeat until you are comfy enough to expand to possibly 2 hunters per engagement. (Your mileage may vary based on the skill of the Hunters, but normally downing one isn’t too far a stretch. Gotta be ready to adapt based on what they throw at ya :wink: )

Eventually, you’ll know exactly when you want to fight, or if you don’t whether or not you should actually fight this fight, or flee this fight.

Same goes for the other monsters. Fight on YOUR terms. Let the Hunters think they are in control with their fancy dome and their pathetic weapons… YOU are in control here, they just don’t know it yet :wink:


Telemetry data will take into account the balancing of monsters and hunters so it will be interesting to see at the end of the beta.


Dear devs, please dont forget that today gamers are prone to whine. They dont want to learn at all. The game is not hard at all, it just require little time to learn. I really like how the games plays and looks. I hope that you’re going to balance game on feedback of professional testers and input from telemetry.

This game is amazing, keep on.