OP map Suggestion for a bit of balance


@TRS @Insane_521 @LadieAuPair

(this is thinking of balance, not unfair or op or u.p.) I am thinking logically for map balance… please read.

Right now, the hunters spawn and just wait at the very LARGE wildlife camp and they stack up there.

The monster, Still needing to feed and level up to stand a chance doesnt have buff perks on feeding trails.

LOOK at all the main buff supply, they are hunter centered on the map with a straggler here and there.
That above is the unbalanced part.

My sugg is that you take a page from your Arena Toolkit and start the monster at STAGE 2
and that on the OP map, you remove the shield protections so the hunters just dont sit and gobble up what they need.

Remember now, its harder for a monster to get a buff in this mode than the hunters… Hunters just down a monster and hit X

The monster has to devour 2/3rds of the wildlife before they even get a chance to eat the last 1/3rd (all with expanded life bars in this mode) to gain a perk.

let the monster get the buff at the start of the devour, not the end.

If you could try these adjustments on your side and see how they work out, that would just fantastic. Or if you already did that, what was your experience?