Oobleck, man


Can someone sciencey please explain oobleck to me. (Oobleck is a mix of corn starch and cold water. When left to be its amazing self it’s a liquid, when you poke it, punch it, etcetra it’s a solid.)

To explain this gif, the person’s hands are there to show the liquidy property and there is something underneath the specific spot vibrating the rest of it so it hardens and stacks up on itself.


I believe it is called a Non-Newtonian liquid and allows someone to even walk on it.


I have no idea how that stuff works that gif is truly terrifying tho


Here is a video that shows how cool it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIUEZ3AhrVE


I just played with it; I know how cool it is. @The_Specialist and I made a huge friggin’ mess. xD lmao


Oobleck + Bass = good times :smiley:


Looks like the sauce in a Big Mac at Mcdonalds.


I would have gone with milk, but okay. xD


Milk is whiter than that.


It depends on how much corn starch you put in it tbh, we had a bit more for extra thickness, they probably have more water so it’s thinner. Ours was completely opaque, therefore, milk-like in appearance. Plus, the lighting may make it more off-white.


Still fun, 10/10 would recommend and play again


Yeah I remember back in school my design teacher showing this it feels so epic in your hands.


Now the question remains…

Can you swim in it the moment you stop feeling like Hey-Zues and cease to actually walk on it?

It would suck if you sank in it and tried to swim out only for it to become a solid around you, from your struggle, as you try to get out.


A.K.A Quicksand

You would need to move fast if you start sinking



We’ve already watched the 2 first videos :stuck_out_tongue:

Imma watch the third one now

EDIT: Nvm I watched it already




Me and Loren

I made an edit saying that I watched the third one already :stuck_out_tongue:


The_Specialist and I are brother and sister, we have the luxury of seeing each other everyday and doing stuff together, like watch videos. lol :laughing: