Only Monster Role Choice


I was wondering if it was possible to have an option in the “Choose Role” screen that allows for the player to search for a game where they could be monster exclusively.

There are times when my friends are offline where I would not mind waiting a little longer for matchmaking if it was a possibility to get into a game in the role I really wanted.

This would especially be useful for Evacuation mode. I can’t speak for anyone else, but in my experience I am typically put into a match already in progress on Day 2 or 4 as my third or fourth choice.

I know there was a discussion of ranked play for specific roles at some point in the future, is this suggestion a possibility in the meantime?


I hear you. Monster is usually my last pick for it but in Evacuation mode that is all I get. Generally its like day 2-4 and heavily against me. I had a set where I actually made it onto the hunters team. However never got my 1st pick do to it being switch between to guys. They said it wasn’t even there first pick but like there 3rd so they always traded but kinda annoying to have the feature in the game. If it doesn’t specifically take you outta the Que for the last picked Pick role. In Example don’t Que me for monster ever if it is my 5th pick. Just hope they continue to work on the game at least having tons of fun.


Yes please, I usually get chosen as the monster and it is my lowest priority. A monster only queue would work perfectly, and there seems like enough players that only want to play a monster so theoretically it would work.