Online retail pre-orders get the 3rd hunters or only steam?


As the title says, we noticed that on the PC version the 3rd hunters say we need to pre-order the game to unlock them, so since I’ve pre-ordered from gamestop and once they send me the pre-order code so I can get all the goodies will this include the 3rd hunters? or will they only be available to those that pre-ordered on steam for what ever reason?


Not from GameStop, no. If you bought the game on the X-Box Store, you’re supposed to. But it’s screwed up right now and we don’t get them. Turtle Rock says they’re working on and will hopefully fix it tonight.


so if you bought the full version of the game (60$) from steam then you get the wraith. i belive that is right.


So we won’t get the 3rd hunters from gamestop? what about from greenmangaming? or anywhere else? seems a bit stupid to pre-order the game and not actually get all the pre-order stuff just because it’s from a particular website >_>


You only get them early if you buy it from Steam of the X-Box Store. Everyone else has to unlock them. Which isn’t hard to do anyway.


Looks like everything has been answered.

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