Online Mentality - i cant grasp it


So, last sunday i thought by myself “Gosh, i really hate art.” - so i went to the next art show, pointed at the art and told everybody who enjoyed it how bad and overrated this stuff is. I thought its my holy duty to open the eyes of those poor fellas, or let them at least know my opinion about it.

  • wait, what?

This statement seems pretty ridiculous. Nobody would do such thing. Maybe a very few very special snowflakes, but overall it looks like a bad idea. So why is this mentality online so common? Its not only that people go out of their way to tell people how much the stuff sucks they like - an extraordinary good example is twitch.
Youre watching twitch, and you know, every 5 minutes somebody will join the chat and talk how bad that game is. He will keep on doing so until some mod has mercy with the rest of the crowd and bans that guy.
In worst case scenario he gets what he wants, and 15 people try to convince him that what theyre watching is actually fun to play.
But it goes even further - critics of almost everything will be almost only negativ. It seems people are kind of not able to look at the good things games or kind of anything else on the internet has to offer anymore.
Well, to be honest, not the whole internet. This is connected to everything what has something to do with opinions.

Go to amazon or whatever, and check a vacuum cleaner. You will get a lot of very well stated complains, and pro/cons. Because its very hard getting emotional about a vacuum cleaner.
And now go check on a popular videogame - hohoho, nows the boat on fire, isnt it. I guess most people know what im talking about.

People kind of feel entitled to focus on the bad stuff in videogames. And frankly, i dont get this. People seem to think only because they have an opinion they need it to yell out at every occasion.
Sadly, not even this forum is entirely safe from this behaviour. Try to compare the amount of “Fix this, its so bad” posts with “wow, this part of the game is very well done” -
I just want to encourage the great community of this game to take a deep breath, and eventually writing a topic what they thought was awesome about this game they played.
It may sound weird, but this is equally important to all those negative threads.
Dont get me wrong on this one - i said both are important. I just would like to see a little more positive topics.



I don’t understand it either, but it’s what we have to deal with. I don’t expect everyone to love every game I love. Negative reviews are fine if they’re thoughtful, respectful, and not condescending. However, many people on the Internet forget basic rules of decency when posting in forums, so there’s a lot of garbage to sift through when something like the Big Alpha happens. I try to ignore most of it. Most of the naysayers probably won’t be back, so hopefully these forums will go back to being the amazing community it has been so far.


I’ve seen it rather rampant in online discussions.

For whatever reasoning (or a lack of seeing the fact), people feel that their opinions are fact, and other opinions are, by default, wrong. I’m not sure if this is the person just being myopic, or if this is based on a user’s hypocritical nature.

I saw it so often that I actually found out there’s a psychological reasoning behind it known as “transference”.

In short, if I say “I love strawberry ice cream” and you say “I love chocolate ice cream”, then you have a negative opinion towards me because you feel as if I’m attacking your opinion and telling you that you are wrong, even though in reality I am doing little more than stating an opinion; an opinion that cannot possibly be wrong, because it is mine.

Rather than realizing this, they focus on taking person offense to the differing opinion and then become defensive, often getting into arguments and feeling the need to justify their personal choice as the “right” one. Personally, I think this is all derived from an easily bruised ego, or a person with weak will and “follow the herd” mentality. People should just be secure in their own choices and realize that (a) They are not wrong in their own opinion, and that (b), anyone else’s opposing opinion is NOT a dig on them.

Sadly, that connection never seems to be made.