"Online connection could not be established"


Since the T4 hunter patch i cant seem to log into the game, it always tells me that no connection could be established and then the game asks me if I want to close it.




I had a similar problem occur when I had to reset my router while I was still logged in. I suggest completely closing steam and if that doesn’t change it then try restarting your computer. If that still doesn’t work then I have no other answers and hope someone with more knowledge can help you soon :smile:


Thank you, gonna try that ^^


Good luck! Update here if it doesn’t work so the guys in charge can check into it more thoroughly!


Yup, didnt work. :C Hope someone cam find a way to fix this


Ok, here is a list of things i did try until now:

  • I validated the Game Files

  • I restarted steam, my pc and my router

  • i tried to turn of the Steam Overlay and i disabled the Steam cloud.

All of that didnt help at all


Ok i got an idea,
Maybe i could Port Forward it.
The thing is, what ports does this game even use? >_<