One year anniversary of evolve


Since we are getting closer and closer to the one year anniversary of evolve. What do you guys think the player base could be getting. A kraken varation? Or things such as gold skins for the hunters? Or a day or weekend of playing with the devs?


The Support would be cool!


It would but I feel like it would be to long a wait just for a support we have all been expecting


I think we shouldn’t expect anything from TRS, they were already cool enough to make Evolve :wink:


I understand that but most games when they reach a milestone give something to fans for playing, I don’t want to sound like an ass. But playing games like destiny and such rewarded players for playing there game. It doesn’t even have to be anything major.


It’ll probably be support if we’re lucky

And if they really really are felling generous

Maybe they’ll give us a estimated release window for the kraken variation


I have been thinking about this to! Now yes Torvald is correct but next month we should be getting the new Support unless for some reason they postpone it


Fixed that for you :wink:


Whats about a Surprise for the Anniversary? like… make the game f2P :ok_woman:


…For a week. I will only agree for F2P once Evolve 2 is announced. :smiling_imp:


I honestly wonder whether or not a F2P model would still be possible. But then again, the base game sells for so cheap that it really does make me wonder. I believe at this point that frequent free weekends (like every two weeks or every month) are the best solution with the game on sale for 13 dollars (base) and 27 dollars (Monster Race).

At those points, it is up to us veterans to guide any new players into the game, and even promote it into buying. Hell, even send them to the forums here and tell them how great a community it is and worth playing. More than enough friends to find here :slightly_smiling:


T5 Support, I dare say will be early February. Maybe for the anniversary…? Maybe Tempest Kraken (Kappa) reveal or T5 Support trailer?


Do you mean T6 trailer?


No, meant T5 Support trailer.


They should burn down the Broken Hill maps to the ground and remove them from existence.


I personally only like the arena one cause I find it fun as it feels like an arena. But I just want some new maps to throw some damn rocks at people


Maybe a map adaptation could do that? :laughing:


If it’s free content I see no problem


This. +1


see this: Humbly requesting a change to Broken Hill Foundry

They know about it.