One: Val's Story


Well, If the monster ending is canon then yes it is.

But I have this feeling at least some survive in the hunter ending. Because the likelihood of at least a few fan favorites being brought back for any sequel is high.


Mate this is awesome stuff! I was hooked on every word, and i read a lot. I love the whole setting and style of this game and its background/lore i have managed to find.


Take. My. Money.


I'm glad they're writing this now, but these should have been written before the game was out and included as animated intros for the characters.


Good sir, they were written before the game was out!

Well this one was, at least.


This makes the games way more fun to play now, puts more beauty in the characters.


No wonder Val was a horrible medic. XD


To be fair everyone was a pretty big noob at launch.

But really, more backstory the better. I love how she wasn't even threatened by cabot's comment about "He will you. He's the fastest shot I've ever seen." Didn't even sound like she cared. Total badass.


Yeah she's badass, I'm sure she wasn't scared because like Matthew said this was a woman who was trained and successfully killed people when needed. If she was pushed to a corner she'd have no trouble handling the situation in a lethal or nonlethal way.

I wonder if I can persuade her to kill Caira, there's really no need for her anyways.


Oh my goodness! This is beautiful! <3 I do so love these stories. Seriously; what comes out of your head and onto paper is awesome. Vals story is really nice and I am going to be reading more! (Well, more after my classes. :P)

You know, I was reading through the comments. One of the things I love about Dragon Age: Origins (Not DA:2. shivers) is that when you pick up an item it adds its story to your journal. Then you can look at it and read it. I remember picking up a named ax and it had a good backstory behind it. It did fire damage but had negative cold resistance, making the wielder always feel cold. Goodness me, it was awesome!

Perhaps something like that could be done here. In the game, I notice that if you click on something or go near something with a character, dialogue will be launched. Some of my favorites are from Caira. I particularly love the one in Wraith Trap where she comments on how foul humans are to this Wraith. Or with the tire conversation with Abe. Haha So perhaps a few tidbits here and there could be added to a 'journal.' I would understand how that would be difficult to put in a game like that where you don't normally use a journal. So eh.
The thing above about the ax is DA:O, Awakening, reminds me of the weapons the hunters use. I know its explained in game (mostly) but since I have the memory of a flea... where can I find these again? I'm thoroughly shocked that healer would use grenades to heal her people. Haha




Val is awesome. Matt’s writing nails the description of conversation, easily allowing the mind to visualize each scene. Great work.





Sweet baby Jesus even lazarus would be impressed at this level of resurrection. Next time check the date of the thread before you comment.


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(Yes Max, I assumed their gender)


Geez I like the game. Don’t really matter how old it is. Don’t have to be an ass about it. Also nice Lazarus joke I thought that was cool :joy::joy:


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