One: Val's Story


Canon means that it is "Official"
If something is Canon, it means that it is recognized as factual according to the developer of the content.

Non-canon would be something akin to fan-fiction, where you're knowledgeable of a subject and create opinions based on something that may or may not be true, but do not have the credentials to say that it is indeed true about the subject-matter.

In this case, this story is Canon. It is something that is OFFICALLY recognized and ACTUALLY happened in Val's past.
If I were to say Val was also born on the sun, it would be non-canon, because it is not officially recognized that she was born, raised, or has anything to do with a sun stuck_out_tongue and I am just a random nobody on the forums with knowledge of the games, but I am not a developer. Merely a fan with a madeup backstory for a character I appreciate.


Wow, we're gonna need like... Some form of official (Lore/ Story) book/ web page for stuff like this. Heck I would buy the Book if made available. stuck_out_tongue Besides that, I am now craving for more stories to read~.


Apparently Matthew does write his own work. I for one will be investing, in the future.

Not about Evolve, I don't think, though. I'm sure he'll be writing more Val/Caira story-esque stuff in the future. I look forward to it <3

Perhaps we should look in to quoting these stories on the wiki in some format, perhaps? open_mouth


I think these got tagged as a reference, should be good enough.


[Canon] was something Phil added so people won't be confused about whether some fiction here was official. We don't want to discourage people from writing their own fan stuff, but we also want to make sure someone new to the forum knows that some of this stuff is actual, official, Evolve backstory.


Luckily he told you, or else.........the surprise alone.... wink


It's definitely not ideal but it would be appreciated I believe if it could be squeezed in. I think of Mass Effect and the codex when it comes to stuff like that. Probably 90% of people never looked at it but I read through it all because I loved the world. It was long, and clunky, and not the best but it was still nice to have it.

Maybe something to think about down the line. Seems a shame to leave such good back story sitting in the forums for only the most dedicated to find. Maybe even if it could just go up on the Evolve official website under the characters or something.


Now there's an idea! Like having a codex type menu in game with all the lore! And perhaps as you play through the game we get to unlock background stories or lore. I like having a side part where i can read bit of lore or stories. It would be a great addition as you unlock characters and you unlock their story... Well.. That's just me rambling... But you are on to something @MeTheBigShow smiley


Lets see if we can get these awesome stories put nicely together into a single pinned topic. @Plaff?


You mean like how the "Find a Member" topic is done?


Or just created 12 reserved posts, lock them, and then fill them in as needed. (Although I think only 7 hunters have/were done)


You read my mind!


Good thinking, I'll do that tomorrow smile


hugs You're so great! Scary Avatar but, you're so great!


That is a fantastic idea! Like an online Evolve e-book stuck_out_tongue


Keep being awesome and save us from spam.


That.... that is actually quite depressing, considering the end of the Campaign.... :<


I can work with this...!


Just watching a livestream for defend where Val said 'I don't think I'm working for Cig9 anymore. Think I'll stick around with you guys for a while and see where this(?) goes'


And you know what she's talking about, because you read this! The system works! smiley