One: Val's Story


I don't think we'll get any for the monsters. Not anytime soon anyway. I believe that in the last evolution of evolve video it was stated that they're not going to tell us the monsters' motivation, but leave that up to our imagination. At least for now.


I wanna know about bucket's creation!


Holy yes god more please thank you beautiful words


the far arm of the galaxy he means I'm pretty sure anyway


maybe as the opening story cutscene for Val or something like that


I wouldn't mind that I just want it in the full game so everyone, even non forum members, could read this.


This might be a silly question but will this and others like it be included in the game somewhere? Like maybe it unlocks from beating stages in Evac mode, etc etc and you can read them in some section of the game... hopefully with voiceovers (although not necessary). Regardless, this is good stuff. For a game I thought wasn't heavy on story, I really dig the story/characters of this game.


Glad I finally checked this post out, had thought them all to be non canon fan made stories, this was a lovely story smile


I think web sites like this are good for big blocks of text. Generally I don't think the experience of reading a long text narrative inside a video game is a good experience.

A lot of the crux of this story is covered in Dropship Banter.


So uhm.... when can we get our next story? smiley


Our next page to my new bible open_mouth I need you, @Matthew. <3


Please push that idea to evey other writer, one of the most annoying things about modern day games is that they tell the story/backstories/character story trough some stupid thing that you have to read from a book or something.

Long gone are the days where character depvelopment/feel for the characters personality came from dialog to other characters in game.


I'm a spy. This line gets me laughing every time I read it.

Are the monsters sapient?
Are the monsters sapient?

We're now closer to release?



Surprise! smiley


Best community manager NA confirmed.


I signed up for a forum account because this post is awesome and I wanted to let you know that I love it!! Thanks Matt!


Why word "masters"? is there any more weight behind it? Little explanation please. Not hating, loving it to much!


This is just... not what I expect of Val's origins but damn. "I'll get PTSD if asked to spell photosynthesis." Heh, so far it looks like you've given her and Parnell some of the best lines so far.


Sorry if this is a stupid question but what does the [Canon] mean? Is that's whos writing it?