One, Two, and a Few Recommendations


There have been quite a few problems in my Evolve experience, but I want to highlight a few notable ones and see if anyone else agrees.

  1. The Matchmaking System

    This is a major frustration, especially when you join into a game to see you’re the monster with one bar of hp left. Countless times has matchmaker done this to me, and though I’m not especially worried about if it affects my leaderboard position or not, I do get rather frustrated with this.

    One way to fix this would be to introduce a lobbied system alongside the current system, where players can create lobbies and have other users seeking the other roles to join. Something along the lines of in MMO’s with a group half put together, it’d say “Looking For Medic and Trapper, PST for–just join this lobby!”

    Another solution would be to add an option button of “Join Games in Progress” Where, instead of the game forcing a player to enter an ongoing game half the time, they would be able to safely join only Evac games that are in between stages. Of course, there would be a need to add an option for players currently in that game to obtain new people instead of going onto the next stage, ie a ‘Wait for New Players’ button.

  2. Kicking Players

    There have also been several occasions where a player is either spamming their mic profusely, annoying everyone there, or griefing because they’re upset. An option to vote kick a player from the game would be an infinitely appreciated option to have.

  3. Trade Button

    A few times I have been asked to relinquish my current role to another, and being kind and up for anything I do so. However, with the current system being what it is, few players realize they have this option, and furthermore, some people are dicks. I once had trapper for no real reason (since it’s my 5th pick) and someone else asked if they could have it. I said sure, pressed back and waited, only for another player to ‘steal’ the role. He wouldn’t take his role back (Medic) and this left the other dude messing up heavily as Support and me finding out I really like Medic. The Support dude then left the game in rather down spirits. A button to ‘Request Trade’ would make this whole system far simpler, and less grief capable.

These are just a few things that would bring overall peace to the game I feel, and would help greatly in certain situations. Of course there are other things like ‘plsnerfwraith’ and what not, but these three points are the quickest and easiest way to make the game more appealing.

If anyone has something else I missed that bugs them, feel free to post a comment!


They’re working on a patch

Already there, it’s called a mute button :wink:

Agreed, although I wouldn’t mind (I play every class+monster), I can see the benefit for others


Mute =/= Kick, and muting someone doesn’t stop them from charging face first into the monster because they’re being a troll. :persevere:


True, true. This however tends to get less the higher you go. If it really annoys you/happens alot, play offline alot, level up, and go online again. Like me :smile:


I’m level 39, and most of the players I’ve seen do this ARE high levels. :-1:

That’d be like saying in LoL, the higher you go the kinder the players are. That would only apply if you’ve gotten to the top of the top, everyone else is jaded and angry half the time.


Well, it IS online-gaming after all :joy:


Too true… Toooo true… :sweat: