One tiny detail that matters


I’ve been playing Evolve since Stage 2, and I really love it and play it everyday like crazy, but sometimes I feel there is something missing with interactions between the players in the game including before and after the match (I may include while in the match but it depends on the people) If it was not for this forum, I’d think Evolve’s community is not very much talking, participating etc, maybe even dead, and that matters a lot in creating a sense of being part of a community that love playing the same game (again, this may be my perception in my not yet 2 months playing everyday) but overall, It’s like you play with people, but once its all done, you don’t even have time to discuss anything post match, they are gone and the chat is now buggy for me once the match is done so its hard to bond with people.

I would suggest the idea of displaying at least how many people are connected at the moment (I know there is a way to see it on Steam) but do you remember some games that use a World Map with lights that are actually players on that location? for Ex, CoD, It gives you a sense that you are not alone, and that’s a tiny detail that makes you feel part of something, together with more data post match, with maybe an Add Friend option (Steam’s add friend takes time and its technically a pain to look rewrite the username etc, so I rather don’t use it).
Also more time to interact with players, I even thought about a Game Chat Lobby, where more interaction would occur before even queuing (or maybe just one after match until everybody is gone). Because to be honest I get more interaction right here in the forums, but not every single player uses them.

Just my gram, have you felt this way on Evolve?