One Player, Four Hunters


So, during the Beta, when I wasn’t pounding every team I played as Kraken, I was playing as Val. (The medic, obviously) Now, I have no friends to play with so it was just me in my party, but I got into a game with only one other player. He was the Monster, I was the medic, and the rest were AI. With hotswap, I managed to Stage 1 Kill him, and it was pretty awesome. I was wondering if there was a way that when you select your character, if no one fills the Hunter spots, then you could pick your AI teammates. It was ALWAYS tier 1 Hunters whenever the bots picked them. Also, do the bot Hunters get a starting perk?

To clarify, I don’t mean for custom games. I know you can pick your team there.


The chances of you being in pre-game with just you as hunter seems extremely low. However I do wonder if they pick perks. Is it possible to see what perk you have when you are in game? Maybe when dropping in you can do that and see that a computer does pick a perk.

I think the original 4 are picked for a couple reasons: a dropping in player would know how to play that character; a dropping in player couldn’t abuse this in order to play as characters they haven’t unlocked; those 4 original characters are probably the easiest to synergize with any other character picked.

Furthermore if I drop in to a game with more than one position available, it seems I get stuck to one automatically. There was one time where I dropped in as trapper, hotswapped to assault, and then was booted back to trapper once someone else dropped in.


Look I’m not trying to be mean here but I have seen you post quite a few topics about questions like this. Like 3 times you have been told to go to the questions and answers thread. Now I’m really not trying to be mean here just some advice.


I did use the search and all, but it didn’t answer my question directly, so I made a new topic. Only one of my questions was closed and a link was given to where the information was located.


I am a bit torn on this one myself. On one hand I like the idea of the bots choosing their own hunters just as other players would do in matchmaking but on the other hand, as you said, they tend to always pick the tier 1 hunters. I recall one of the devs mentioning at one point that they can indeed pick other characters though I haven’t witnessed it myself yet. I imagine it will become more apparent once the game releases.

I have wondered if they choose perks or not but if they do I haven’t noticed any difference.

Hopefully they’ll let us set the bots in custom lobbies, there are a lot of fun setups I’d love to try mixing and matching.