One of the worst Monster players.AMA


Hello guys.I am one of the worst monster players ever existed.I am currently 2627 at Leaderboards.
I plan on going even lower.You can ask me anything you want.

PS.Serious questions please.I will not be doing this again so it will be your loss


haha, love it


I’m going to keep an eye on this thread but I feel that this is click bait/flame bait. Please make sure you guys keep it on target or I’ll close it.


How do I lose with Kraken, I keep having this problem where I kill them all at stage 1 and I don’t know how to fix it :frowning:


xD .I am a lovely guy.I don’t flame people.


Its simple my friend.

Game starts.Try to sneak because you think its the best thing to do.Realize that after the 30 seconds that the hunters are dropping you are still in visual sight.After that when they finally catch you,you are a stage 1 monster with half armor.

After that procceed to miss 40% of your vortrexes while split-focusing between every hunter.

I mean i would also tell you about my experiences with LS but the games i manage to get Stage 2 is minimal.The victories i have was from the release of the game when everyone was new while i had experience from Alpha and Beta.


I am the worst monster player ever.
@Maddcow can vouch for me. :wink:


Can you also never make it past Stage 1?


I don’t even make it to stage 1.


I bet I have a lower monster rank than you :stuck_out_tongue:


Switch filter to Global and post pics.Or else i don’t believe ;p


But you are the glorious @Maddcow!
It is impossible!
@WiBaKi I’m at school, give me about 2 hours


I have this bad habit of just sitting in the cave below the spawn point in Fusion Plant when I play pubs… but almost every time they seem to just run away from me and I have to follow them to make them notice me :sob:


I want to die but Senpai won’t notice me
#Shear Problems


I replied how to do it! Trust me it works everytime


Heh, I’ll do this when I get home. I’m curious to see if I have any games played as monsters outside of Custom Games haha.


this thread should be closed… ive never seen someone get so much hate and all of these parody threads made just because they mentioned their rank in a advice thread… its starting to become cyber bullying.


I’m such a noob


I’ve already closed another thread similar to this because of how it went. This one hasn’t gone off the intended purpose and hasn’t warranted a need to be closed. People are discussing the thread topic without hostility.


Wait, you mean this isn’t an “I’m a bad wraith that doesn’t use it’s exploits” support thread? And there’s actually a post somewhere that’s asking for real kraken advice? Link?