One major overlook about Slim (My experience)


At my house I play on a 45 inch TV and having my smelling ability removed is all fine and dandy, I must rely on sight.

Go to my friends house on his 32 inch TV, the Hunters were literaly impossible to see. I ended up moving so close to the TV to the point of it being uncomfortable.

I think masking scent is a good idea but it really, really ruins the enjoyment of those with smaller TVS, especially if you are Stage 3.

Also off topic but selecting a category on iPad is a nightmare, stupid keyboard keeps popping up and sends me to the top of the page.


This site hase a mobile page for me on iphone. Works great no problems there


Agreed. I have a 19" monitor to play on. Hunters were quite literally a tiny amount of pixels… I wish there was a way of zooming the camera or something… It’s not impossible, it’s just really annoying since you get zoomed WAY out depending on your size.


I have a 24 inch monitor(PC) and when playing a stage 3, I’m so far out that even if the hunters are right in front of me I can barely see them(especially on Behemoth).

Also, there’s is a complete flaw in this ability. Monsters do not have 1st person view, so if a hunter is located behind the monster, they’re impossible to see from 3rd person view.

I really find this to be an incredibly annoying ability, but mostly due to the fact that it has no CD and can be kept up 100% of the time. If it had a 10 sec duration with 30 sec CD(CD starts on use so it’s 20 sec actual recharge) it’d be pretty balanced.


I have a 17 inch screen. It’s hard, yes, but not impossible.


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Ahem… Maybe if their health bar still appeared as the Monsters crosshairs are on them would make Sense.


Why am I not surprised? -_-

Better now?


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I have a 50" and I still stand about a foot or two away to see them lol


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I am aware. I am also prepared. And ensuring that the banhammers are polished.


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Don’t worry about it. They only people who need to be careful are those who are frequently offensive or aggressive.

Also, we have derailed this thread.


Someone suggested to me that I should light them on fire with flame breath. Sadly, not all the monsters have fire breath… but apparently it makes a great orange silhouette :goliath_roar:


Mmm… glad your not in charge of game balance.