One less Monster


I love the chase, love imagining the reactions of a Hunter when I transform from ‘boulder’ or ‘shrub’ to ‘eating your face’, but I’m throwing in the towel :frowning: The insane utility of the T4s, coupled with Behemoth managing to be both weak & broken, it’s just too much. Sorry Monsters, no more nomming for me.


Take the time to learn how to counter them, and behemoths been patched, its hard to lose as him now if you play right, go back and give it another shot


Wraith delights in your tears of anguish
But seriously they can be annoying but not impossible
I find stage 1 domination and terror causing helps as they will panic
10 points if you make the medic panic jetpack boost into waiting tyrant
Or mega toad :frog:
Ironic as slim is a bug
(I know its megamouth but this fit my purpose)


Alright, I’ll bite. What is ‘play right’? Presuming you’re up against full T4s on a map with no serious caves like Wraith Trap. Where should you be looking to make your Stage 1 stand, and with what abilities?


T4’s arent as op as people think they just refuse to learn how to counter, if you get caught at stage one you are already at a disadvantage so you out skill with abduction or rockwalls, tell me what you are having trouble with and ill try to provide good counters, try to stay calm, im not trying to argue, trying to help


With behemoth try to havecrockwall and tounge grab so you can pull and isolate 1 player, and with wraith, abduction, and warp blast or nova strike, at stage 1 it is all about isolation


Full T4? Slap slim silly. The real danger is something like caira/sunny/torvald. Solution is easy pray they have a weak link and that you find it in time :smiley:


Theres always a window somewhere in the team, just gotta grab the right one first


No sarcasm intended, I’m genuinely curious how you make Behemoth work in his buggy state :wink: Rockwall breaks so often, I have given up on the ability. Mostly, I’m wondering how you focus-fire the weak link when 1) Trapper snares and/or Tranquilizer makes Bob far too slow to chase anyone 2) Jetpack Boost allows free escape when you do corner a Hunter


I’m sorry
but there is absoutely no way you can get a strike as wraith in the average stage 1 dome where everyone is together and full health unless the medic is slim or cabot and there is no sunny or hank


Very possible, just find the most annoying hunter and abduct or warp blast to scramble them then put pressure on the most troublesome one


thats assuming they don’t get healed shielded boosted or you are snared slowed or blinded


Kill the sheilder first, then healer, swing at who is close, once you see who puts up the most fight kill them first