One Last Go

I’m looking for some of the forum members who have been with us for a long time. I’m looking at you @TheMountainThatRoars , @The_Specialist @SledgePainter @MaddCow and many others who have stuck with us for so long.
I fear that Stage 2 really has made me not want to play Evolve as much as I used to, but that won’t stop me from playing it to mourn.
So who will join me in one last go at Evolve?
Have some fun, talk about the good-times, and just play evolve.


I’m down for some shenanigans

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I have about 45 minutes!

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Well you know my steam name.
Baerstream is what I’m using since it has my content and progression.

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I’d join in.

1 request is to play a hide-n-go-seek game just so we can have some fun. Just 1 round.

Just because you tagged me, you have me peaked :slight_smile:

Steam name is Baerstream.
I will accept all friend requests you guys give me and will invite all who want to join.

I would love to join but i just can’t… too many feelings dude… too many


Do you mean to play now? Ah ok, give me a cpl mins.

Okay. We’re still getting people in.

Dammit, I’d love to play but I cant :crying_cat_face:

I was planning on playing tonight…but I just can’t now, I’m sorry.


Okay I did as much as I could.
I don’t think I can handle anymore for today with what I know.
I at least got a game in as Griffin (my original favorite character) and Goliath (obvious reasons)


I’ll happily add you, but today I just can’t… I think maybe on Friday we could all do it, with a discord chat with everyone