One hit lightning strike


So playing best, monster levels up to 3. I’d came back for a second time so had two strikes. I go to the egg and got hit by a lightening strike once without taking any other damage. How is that fair? Has the krakens attack been bugged because I’m sure it didn’t do that before the patch today.


lightning strike kills anyone with 2 strikes when hit dead-centre. it’s always been like this

(but the same goes for rock throw, and i’m pretty sure warp blast too now)


It’s the monster’s reward for getting 2 strikes on you and leveling up lightning strike. It is one of the more powerful attacks but easier to dodge.


A level 1 monster that’s been elited that chooses lightningx3 in the beginning and extra damage perk… yeah, I bet he could 1hit you…

You can dodge with your jetpack… You’re not supposed to survive 1v1 vs. the monster.

It’s no different from rock throw in the same fashion.


I was literally on the edge of it because I did try and dodge it as I’m not a plonker who stands waiting to be hit.
I know it’s a strong attack but one hit is a bit far. So when the monster levels to 3, hunters only chance of survival is to dodge.
1 egg left, a minute remaining, I’m supposed to run away from the monster


If you’re the only guy left you bet you better run away. If you have two strikes, you better make sure you never become the target of Lightning Strike, sometimes it can’t be avoided though because a lot of smart Krakens will pressure you first, wait for you to jetpack and then hit you with the Lightning Strike.


We were all alive… The medic wasn’t very good. My first and second strike was the result of the medic running and leaving me with a monster and minion while the trapper ran off with the support to another egg.
I’m not debating how the game should be played… I’m debating the one hit.


If you had 2 strikes, you’re basically 1 hit by anything, lol.


I’ve been testing Warp Blast, no it doesn’t kill them if they have two strikes on. Hunters will sill have about 5% health when they get hit.


Did you elite it, and take the max damage perk?

And really? Good to know… I just don’t see a reason to play wraith yet.


Wraith is in a weird place right now, some of the abilities are not fitting their niches and supernova is weak AF.


Not far at all if you’ve gone down twice – ask your medic, “Do you even heal, bro?”


Ok so I’ve just tried using lightening strike level 3 on someone with two strikes. I got 2 seperate hits after the reinforcement drop. I used 15% damage perk. And they just shrvived both times. I’m guessing that guy had 3 star lightening strike because I only have 2 stars.