One Game to Last a Life-time(Deserted Island)

Timesplitters Future Perfect, if I was guaranteed to find a match in multiplayer. Or a really grindy game.

Never heard of that game. Searching now…

Best Ps2 game eva. You’ll only like if you play it. Great for sofa/couch gameplay with mates. But I fucking love the multiplayer, so why not eh?

Then you probably weren’t paying very close attention. Here’s one example. At the end of the 2nd arc of the first season Kirito is supposed to be unable to move due to some gravity field bullshit the antagonist is using on him. Kirito just goes “fuck that I’m the black swordsman!” and stabs the dude anyway, killing him, with literally no explanation given what so ever.
Or how about in episode 14 where he’s fighting Akihiko, the guy who created the game. Akihiko straight up kills Kirito, but instead of dying in the real world as every single other character has, Kirito just goes “fuck that I’m the black swordsman!” and stabs the dude anyway, killing him, with literally no explanation given what so ever.

If you’re just going to edit out and ignore all the reasons I give as to why SAO is badly written so you can keep spouting “B-B-BUT THAT’S JUST YOUR OPINIOOOON!” then clearly there is no point arguing with you.
Have fun with your awful anime.

SAO is also widely regarded as being a very entertaining series overall. And while it has indeed been critiqued for its writing in some regards, it has also been praised for numerous other aspects of its writing as well as its thought provoking ideas and concepts.

Your conclusion that the anime is shitty, is your opinion- and little else. Your reasons for why its terribly written, are not facts- And warrant no argument, because those reasons are your opinion, and little else. Theres really no need to be so contentious on the matter- Theres absolutely nothing to “argue” about. Neither of you are “wrong”- These are just your opinions. The only thing “wrong”, is asserting your opinion as fact.


Are you actually trying to argue that there is no such thing as bad writing as long as there’s at least one moron out there who thinks its good?
If a work is of poor quality that work can be considered to be bad. SAO is a perfect example, due to it’s aforementioned terrible writing.

That’s not saying you aren’t entitled to your opinion, by all means enjoy whatever terrible show you want, but don’t be surprised if someone questions your taste.

Why question his taste, what does it matter?

Edit: Like… genuinely… what does this community gain from you belittling what he enjoys?


Im saying that even if most people agree and share a common opinion- that does not make it a fact. Most people probably like cheese burgers too, doesnt mean I can say for a fact that “cheese burgers taste good”. 2+2 being 4 is a fact. Opinions are not.

In your opinion*. Sure :smile:

Something about the way you say “enjoy whatever terrible show you want”,

Really diminishes your merit here.

Seriously man, may I please ask you to drop the insults? They arguably do you no good. Even if theyre NOT directed specifically at the person youre talking to- Youre frequently insulting someone. “As long as theres one moron…”. Telling people the things they like are “terrible”. Id find you far easier to take seriously (Which hey, im willing to bet you dont care about- but still) if you were more inclined to discuss things in a mature manner. I just dont understand the compulsion there.

This. A bajillion times, this.

If someone says to me “I enjoy SAO” my mental reaction is the same as if someone said to me “I enjoy eating shit”. I can’t help it.
If he doesn’t hear it from me he’s going to hear it somewhere else eventually, as I said it’s widely regarded as being awful. It’s not that I’m trying to belittle him. I really don’t see what the big deal is.

Surely you must see how your responses will garner negative reactions? I wasn’t a big fan of Harry Potter. In fact, the first movie’s CGI I thought was laughable, but I’m not going to rub somebody’s face in my opinion as if my say so is the be all end all. C’mon man. What if I told you that seeing your negativism all the time you post gives me the same reaction as vomiting up tuna laced with ice cream? I doubt you’d like that very much.


I’m indifferent, and actually I appreciate the honesty. I have a thick enough skin not to burst into tears the moment I’m criticized. You say I’m negative. I feel I’m just realistic.
As a great man once said, optimism is for stupid people.

I would say overtly pessimistic, not realistic.


Tomato, tomahto. The world’s a chaotic place.

This forum, on the other hand, isn’t.


Look, I try to appreciate everyone on this forum. I love for folks to come here and share what they have to say, even if it is negative, but I ask that everyone simply respect each other and have common courtesy. Try to take someone else’s feelings into account before you post.


Really all of this could have been avoided if you had respect for other people’s opinions. This topic didn’t need someone to criticize others choices. I just wanted to see what others would come up with and I thought SOA would be an interesting choice seeing as how much death is involved for the commoner.
We don’t need any more spiteful replies and I wish you could stop contributing to an argument in my topic, thanks.


Are you kidding me? No one can agree on anything here. In the dictionary next to the word “Chaotic” there should be a link to this forum.

Clearly you have yet to visit the Steam forums. Nevertheless, the OP has spoken…and it is his thread. You have spoken your mind, so lets leave it as it is and not further persist on it.

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Is the Halo: Master Chief Collection cheating?

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