One Game to Last a Life-time(Deserted Island)

What would be your game that you would choose to play if you could only play one game for the rest of your life?
Things like online multiplayer would still be a thing.
This could be comparable to “what game would you bring with you to a deserted island?”

I first thought of pokemon but realized it would get repetitive fast. Evolve comes close but really its the community and opponents that make it fun. Being stuck with no one to talk about it with would suck.
I’d probably have to go with either Minecraft or FTL.
It will probably change to No Man’s Sky when that gets released however.

Tic tac toe #noregrets

Maybe, SWTOR/WOW, doing every single thing in those games would take forever.
Chess might be an interesting one as well, I’d be curios to see how good id get if I played nothing but it
Like you said, if the community remained and new content was produced, evolve would definitely be up there for contenders
Minecraft would be a good choice since you can do it solo, and mods/custom levels add a lot of replayability

Skyrim. I will never tire of that game :heart_eyes:


Didn’t think of Miecraft. I knew I was forgetting something. That is for sure up there.

EDIT: Changed mine to MC. Would be better than Spore atleast

If I can play with friends- or just one friend, at least- it would be Evolve.

If not, I don’t know. Maybe Minecraft? I’ve barely ever played it and there’s a lot to do in it but it does seem like it’d get repetitive sooner without friends.

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Spore. Even if I did get tired of the galactic sandbox gameplay I could still entertain myself endlessly creating creatures and all the other things it lets you make.

Monster hunter freedom unite, ive got 600 hours in and im still a long way from done, then i can just make another character

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Sword Art Online.


Probably WoW.
It’s a grind fest, but if you’ve got all the time in the world… Yeh.

That’s not a game, it’s a shitty anime.

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Fixed. Your view of the show is a matter of opinion, as is mine. Don’t belittle it because you don’t like it, please and thank you.

Also, I’m referring to the game that the characters in the show play, not the show itself. You can play a video game, not an anime.

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RPG Maker, so I can recreate all my favorites :smiley:

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And then you could play them… My god Cow, you’re a genius.

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Wow! That’s genius!
If i was better at using it I’d take that.


I dabbled in it for a while, its pretty robust.

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I tried to follow some YouTube tutorials but got lost to often. I also didn’t want to fork up 60$ after the 30 day trial at the time.

I’m not belittling it because I don’t like it, I’m belittling it because it is pure and utter garbage.
Kirito is one of the worst mary sues I’ve ever seen, he solves every situation just by because he’s THE SUPER AWESOME UNBEATABLE BLACK SWORDSMAN DESU~
It’s full of plot holes, the characters are terribly written, it’s lowest common denominator trash and the only good thing about it is the premise of a full VR game world.

And that is your opinion. I’m not talking bad about your opinion, so don’t talk bad about mine.

Bruh… calm down. He just likes an amine jeez. Don’t need to talk trash about it even if it isnt that good(sorry @Rapterror ).

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Kirito being a mary sue is not an opinion. It’s a fact. He’s a terribly written character who wins in every situation just because he’s the main character. The show openly and regularly violates it’s own rules. This is bad writing, it’s not something you can argue. SAO is widely regarded as being terribly written.



I don’t recall this.

This is not the place to be discussing this, so please don’t keep this going.