One awesome thing about Evolve online is


Minimal lag. I’ve played FPS’ for years and lag was always always always the main issue. I’ve had an occassional spike but I could count on my hands the number of times its happened since Evolve came out.

The ONE exception is Goliath midway to end game. It feels like he’s skating around on the ground sometimes.


Or when I’m playing with American friends- i.e: ALWAYS. ;W;


Yeah I can agree there. Only lag I notice is if I play with Americans and end up in USA region matchmaking, warp blast is impossible to dodge with the latency delay.


Not the fact monsters can win stage 1 cause thats stupid?


Sometimes I end up in European servers I think…or maybe Australian servers since I’m on the west coast…hmmm… Lag as hunter isn’t bad and hard to notice for me, lag as monster though is noticeable in combat, animations get “stuck”.

But for the most part the connection is usually pretty good.

Still wish TRS would put in a number for ping though on PC. @MacMan :stuck_out_tongue:


I always feel like, whenever I group up with buddies like @MidnightRoses and @Shin - Who are in AU and US, where as I am in EU, I barely feel the lag. I guess at best, I get a ½ second delay in the AU servers which prevent me from playing crucial roles such as medic, since a ½ second can be important as hell.
Still, practically lag-less :smiley:


I’m a buddy? ~sniffles~
So kind.


I am a buddy? Yay! :smiley:

And I always feel the lag, it’s just better now. "D


I don’t mind the lag. I work with it.

No, like, seriously, slight lag can be used to execute otherwise crazy manuevers.