Once the monster reaches stage 3, why keep playing?


I get that when you are a hunter, you want to stop the monster from reaching stage 3. The thing I don’t feel was well thought out was what happens when it DOES reach stage 3. Some monster players are incredibly good. They not only reach stage 3 with full health, but also eat enough to gain full shield.

At this point I ask, why keep playing?

The monster can easily kill everyone off or destroy the relay, but you can’t really do much to stop it from destroying the relay if it is at 100% health + armor. It’s not like you can stop it from attacking it. If by some chance you do trap it long enough to destroy its armor, then why wouldn’t the monster just run to the power relay and take 30 seconds to destroy it since you can’t destroy it faster than what it takes to destroy the relay?


Uh, shooting the monster does actually stop it from attacking the relay.


One of the reasons.Monster is a human.He might panic.He might overextend.He might do lots of things wrong


I get a bit cocky when playing stage 3, that sometimes leads to my monster downfall


I’ve killed plenty of stage 3’s.

Having said that, if you let them get stage 3 with full health?

You failed.

And it’s gonna hurt bad.


Have you actually played the game? Not being rude just honestly curious.


hey how do you stay up so late all the time do you like not have school or a consistent job


Evolve is a battle for permanent damage. It’s about attrition. At Stage One Hunters are advantaged. Stage Two even ground. Stage Three and Monster is more powerful. However if your team is decent, you can do a TONNE of HP damage before Stage 3. And if you can do enough, you’ll be able to kill the Monster at Stage 3.

It’s not even that hard.


“It’s not even that hard.”

Well when TRS caters to Hunters…


Yeeeaaaaaah I sort of gave up on Monster for a while. Shrugs. I love it a lot, but…eh.


It’s dumb. Like I said before, half of the game is literally centered around the Monster but now with all the Monster Nerfs and Hunter Buffs it’s turned into Four Rocky Balboas beating a Punching Bag that attempts to eat sponges and become an even larger punching bag to make all the Rockys’ the Punching Bag’s Punching Bags… but the real Punching Bag always loses… against a smart set of Rockys’.

Did I even make sense? Brain! Duh Fuk?!


It ain’t over till bodies hit the floor…Or the power relay goes boom


Just answering your question even though it wasn’t addressed to me because I have a neat answer.

I work Fri/Sat/Sun with 2 16hr shifts on Sat/Sun, but I work on from own computer so I pretty much play evolve, sift through TRS forum and watch streams 24/7 :wink: I even listen to Evolve streams while I play SWTOR >.< I know its a sad addiction, but its been awhile since I was addicted to a game.


well he’s eu it was like 5 in the morning and he seems to be on at 5 quite often but that makes sense


Because hunters have a tactical advantage vs a s3 monster.
S1 < hunters in dps
S2 = hunters (the most skilled ‘team’ wins)
S3 > hunters but hunters obtain several tactical advantage in place of dmg output.


I’ve joined a game against a s3 behemoth with full health, an we got close to killing him. And we would have done much better if 2 of us weren’t lagging massively


Funny I stumble upon this thread because on Saturday my buddy(Caira) our support(Sunny and I(Markov) beat a full health, full armor Kraken at a relay.

He wasn’t necessarily bad as we actually new what we were doing and how to play. I just wore him down while my buddy did a fantastic job keeping everyone up and Sunny keeping Caira alive.

Best clutch win ever


While sunny and caira are the current bane of my monster play (used to be hank/val) I just have a hard time hating the amazing work they can pull off when I watch twitch streams.


Uh… say what now?


“It’s not like you can stop it from attacking it”

Shooting the monster while its on the relay stops it from damaging the relay.

“…If by some chance you do trap it long enough to destroy its armor…”

A better tactic is to not dome the monster right away at stage 3. Bear in mind if youre defending the relay, the monster has to go to you to win. Eat through the monsters armor first, then dome the monster. Right when they want to retreat to armor up.

“hen why wouldn’t the monster just run to the power relay and take 30 seconds to destroy it since you can’t destroy it faster than what it takes to destroy the relay?”

Again, hitting the monster pauses its ability to damage the relay.