Once again


ANother huge bug I have the season pass AND I pre ordered the game yet I don’t have behemoth OR the T4 hunters unlocked. jesus christ these big bugs are getting ridiculous

Now I will probably have to wait another whole damn week to use them because customer support takes freaking forever to get back with any issues.


Wait 30 more minutes for the official release :wink:


I thought it was out already for ps4 and pc :confused:


It is. But, as usual XboX seems to be having technical issues.

Honestly, with XboX’s horrible reputation why is anyone surprised that it has an aneurism when new DLC is released? :no_mouth:


Well Im on ps4 and its not unlocked at all.


I heard in another thread that PS4 is spotty. Some people are downloading it fine (mine downloaded this morning without any problems) and others it isn’t unlocking for. Should be good to go in another 10 minutes though.


I see I see, Just odd how these got realesed :disappointed:


I’m going with “was released early, so unanticipated bugs”. I’m probably wrong, but that’s what I’m going with. :smile:


They probably released it early because there’s so much stuff they took an extra day to get it all out across all 3 systems. Theoretically ppl can’t really complain because they got it on time rather than early (…theoretically).


Theoretically we didn’t get it on time, if other people got it before us even though we payed the exact same prices even some of us buying them first. So if a group gets it early and it wasn’t exclusive then everyone else who couldn’t get it, got it late.


You’re being overly dramatic. It’s only been a few hours.


just stating the facts


This is essentially true.


Yeah until it’s after the release date & you don’t have it then it’s exactly the purchase you paid for. I’d be disappointed, but if you’re butt hurt that’s between you & Sony or Microsoft.


you wanted to talk theoretical’s so I did the same thing.

Exactly the purchase I paid for is exactly the same as anyone who already has it. Sorry but your logic fails in this situation since it’s not a timed exclusive.


I can’t buy Behemoth on Steam yet. The Leviathan skins are available, but the Behemoth isn’t. :cry:


Your theoretical is that it’s a timed exclusive because PSN & XBL have dumb policies. I’m not gonna argue with you, I’m just gonna play the DLC that I have because Steam isn’t ridiculous.


Lol someone hates when their logic fails obviously


At 7:00 p.m. my time (5:00 p.m. PT) the steam store had Behemoth in it.