On the state of Evolve, Competitively


So I’ll preface my comments by saying this: Maybe I’m just out of the loop myself, as I’ve only been playing the game on Xbox. But unfortunately, it seems as though we are seeing fewer and fewer players online across the three platforms we all enjoy the game on. And as a result, I feel like those who are still within the competitive scene are finding it harder to assemble new teams or keep current ones interested long enough to even compete. Again, I only have experienced what seems to me like fewer players on Xbox but have heard from the PC and PS4 communities that they too are seeing a slight decrease in how many people there seem to be playing.

So all this ultimately leads me to my question, and I’m not saying I think Evolve won’t make it long competitively or die out, far from it. But my question is (as someone who is on a team currently competing in ESL tourneys), what is the state of Evolve as we see it now, competitively? Are we losing people who seem to get bored of the game by the day? Are the numbers stagnating? Is it enticing more people to join up and form teams?

There were a lot of predictions coming from people outside of the community [day one], and even some within it, saying that Evolve’s player count will drop significantly and probably come to a point where the game will struggle to keep up with consequent releases of other games. Personally, I have high hopes that Evolve will be just fine and even bring back some bored players with the next DLC or who knows what else will come out that spices the game up a little more.

I’d like to end by saying I have the utmost respect for the developers over at TRS and would like to say that as a fan of Evolve, I appreciate the amount of time and effort that has gone into making this game. The dedication to having an open dialogue with the community to help the game get better and improve is also appreciated.

Thanks for your time, people. As always, feel free to add to the conversation, I’m interested to see how others feel about this topic.


I personally think people are playing this game wrong. I see it as a burst game, something you play a good number of matches, tehn head off to other games, before coming back when you feel like it. You can only do the same thing over and over again for so long…


If rank match ever become a thing i think there should be two ranks, one for Hunters and the other for monsters. Let say someone max rank but there are those who play one side more then the other. For example i may be lvl 39 but many of those games were spend playing monster on a 9 to 2 ratio, making my skill level as a whole no better then someone at many levels lower then me.


I agree with you creator, with the praise on TRS looking to the community for things. The big thing I find keeping this game from keeping really long longevity, would be ranked matchmaking. That being for both monsters and hunters. Also another thing is some set numbers on dmg, range, and such for abilities/weapons. That way there would be some values for people to way on.
With 600+ hours into this game, id love to say to TRS to keep up the good work and keep doing what you originally planned. Look at numbers and statistics from current matches, both from matchmaking and the competitive scene, and adjust accordingly. All I ask is for them not to just listen to the community and do what they ask, without the numbers to back it up.
Sorry for the rant just glad to see some appreciation for a great game. :slight_smile:


Yeah I’m sure that doing something about the current ranking system is being evaluated and looked into. I have nothing but total faith that TRS will do something to keep the game interesting.

Oh and no need to apologize for the rant :smile: Adding to the conversation is always welcome!


There will always be people playing, just how many is the question, I think if they got rid of a lot of the bugs and added new modes and such it could bring a lot of people back, the games biggest problem is the bugs which is sad because it an amazing game that isn’t being seen at its full potential


I agree, and have no doubts that Evolve will do just fine. But as far as bugs go, personally, I’ve only experienced a limited amount. Maybe I’m just lucky, I know they’re out there but they only seem to have impacted a number of people so many times. Which is great, considering the last few patches have helped, moderately. My biggest gripe with the game as far as bugs are the Leaderboards. They might not mean a whole lot in retrospect, but it’s nice to know where you rank among the best in Evolve. Alas, we have more than that to look forward to, can’t wait to see what new maps and characters they talk about next! :smile:


Evolve should rethink their business model with all these bugs in game, I’m not paying for bugs and I’m not going to play a bugged game and I’m tired of waiting MONTHS till they fix a single perk, instead the perk got worse. A lot of my friends including myself stopped playing Evolve due its latest patch. Now I’m sometimes on the forums hoping they’ll fix their game one day.


Well certainly I, nor anyone else can blame you for feeling that way. I remember when peoples’ ranks were being reset from double digits to sixes, four’s or worse, one. Even so, with all the bugs in mind, personally, I feel like they’ve done a good job keeping the game balanced. Not sure how large the team is over at Turtle Rock but if it is a smaller-than-normal team, I would say they’ve been making considerable strides to patching the game. Obviously, quicker is better but if we had the same amount of knowledge they did about their jobs and how long or short something can be done, I don’t know that anyone would say they’ve been doing a poor job.

I’m just speculating and yes, might seem like I’m coming to their defense but I believe in looking at things from all angles, in most situations. Because sometimes, not everything is as simple or complex as they might seem.

At any rate, I’m glad you posted here on my little piece of the forums and added to the conversation. I hope you continue to come back, engage on the forums and check up on the game. Ultimately, it would be nice to see people coming back to Evolve, keeping the community fresh and continue it to grow, but, only time will tell.

Have a good one, Herbalist!