On-the-spot leap smash? (Quick question)


So this has been bugging me for a while now. I’m VERY sure this wasn’t always like this, and it’s something relatively new. Right now Goliath can leap smash and fall on the exact same spot he was standing in (so literally go up and down).

As far as my memory serves, there used to be a minimum range, sort of deal, where if you aim close infront, you’ll travel a short distance infront. A lot of the time now, I find myself just falling in the same spot (along flat ground. No cliffs/ledges). So, is this something new? Is it a bug? Am I imagining things? Because I feel like it’s terrible how it is now. I used to have no issues like these when using Goliath, but since a few patches ago, every odd LS does no damage, because Goli just doesn’t gain any distance.

I’ve had a gap in my Goli play, so I really need someone else to answer this for me, who has played enough Goli over the period to be able to tell.


From my experience, you could always do this. You just had to have a Hunter in front of, at your feet, to do it. The Hunter acts like a wall, stopping you from moving forward.


It happens with no-one infront of me too. I go to do a LS for traversal, and nothing. Or if I target a hunter a short distance away. It can really screw me over sometimes =/ When it first started happening after trying Goli again, it felt very odd to me. That’s why I’m quite sure it’s not something that always happened. It just feels wrong. But again, I can’t be 100% sure with this, so if enough people are sure it’s always been like that, I’d have to concede that I’m just mistaken.


It should still do damage, that’s the problem. What are you doing when this is happening? Looking forward, at an angle, looking straight up?


Sorry, yeah, it does do damage, but because it’s dead on spot, it doesn’t go forward those 5-6 odd metres I need it to, to connect.

To me, I’m aiming as I always have, instinctively, at the hunters to land the LS. It’s kind of hard to describe… I know how to calculate the angle I need to aim at to reach the hunter, and adjust to that. I use the LS, and every now and then it falls in one spot. From what I remember, Goli would always move forwards 2-3 metres or so, even if you aimed pretty much straight down.

Also, I know that I need to practice my Goli more to make it more reliable, but I’m mainly just curious as to whether this was changed or is how it always was. It frustrates me a lot when it happens, so if I know that it’s just me out of touch with Goli, I can put it aside and work on it. :confounded:


Either this is the usual LS glitch that probably every Goliath player has experienced at least once, or it is something completely different.

Either way you should save a video next time it happens, so we can see what it is.


Yeah will do.



As far as I can recall (haven’t played alpha or beta, but have played since launch) Goliath has always been able to start and finish his Leap Smash on the same spot.

Now I’m not sure if the same minimum distance thing applies to Lennox, but I suppose her version is quite different. So it might.
But not to Goliath. I don’t think it ever has.

I feel like this topic is 50% bug report, 50% question, so I’m a bit confused here.
All I can do is just state some random stuff in hopes of saying the applicable thing.

  • Goliath can start and finish Leap Smash on the same spot. You can even aim straight up or straight down. (Straight down is shorter)

  • Goliath’s Leap Smash reticle is affected by every single thing, even some collision that regular, non-Leap Smashing Goliath isn’t affected by.
    Yes, this even includes every tiny tree branch, leafe, rock, overhang, everything.
    Often this results in Goliath doing a Leap Smash that doesn’t come close to where you thought you were aiming if done as fast as possible, thus crashing into a tree but then falling down because Goliath can’t actually stand on said tree.
    Doing the same scenario again while holding down the Leap Smash button to see the reticle reveals that Goliath was in fact aiming for that tiny tree branch instead of the floor behind it you thought you were aiming for.

  • Goliath’s Leap Smash height is (only slightly) affected by the specified distance. He will leap in a lower arc when the target is close.

  • Traversal and Leap Smash bugs are still as common as they were at launch despite numerous attempts at fixing it. In fact, I’ve seen them become more common than ever, to the point where I literally can’t play more than one game of Monster before shouting at my monitor in frustration.

The problem is that I’ve grown accustomed to Goliath’s Leap Smash arc a long, long time ago and so can’t get myself to hold down the button anymore to aim carefully.
I automatically aim before I even press the button and when Leap Smash is ready I just tap it.
If I could, I might be able to see where the problem in Goliath’s all too common faulty Leap Smashes lies.
Is the indicator on the right spot but does Goliath still get stuck? Physics / connection issue, most likely.
Is the indicator also pointing at the air right in front of Goliath where he would get stuck? Collision detection issue.

All in all I don’t think it’s PS4 specific at all. Leap Smashes have been getting stuck in mid-air, immediately after the start of Leap Smash, all the friggin time now.
Other times there’s a slight delay before I hit an invisible wall, causing me to randomly crash and fall down at the maximum height of the Leap Smash arc. Reminds me of the many videos we saw a short while ago about Behemoth (mostly in The Dam) where he would roll against “invisible domes”.


Thanks :smiley: I’m aware of the common LS issues with collisions, but this one was just a bit… odd? Perhaps my aiming is a bit off sometimes. I’ll need to test it in a few solos. You’re right about this being 50% bug report 50% question. Based on the answer to the question I would make it into a bug report, but as it stands, it will remain a question.

If you’re telling me that he can LS in the same spot, and has been able to do this since release, then I’ll accept that, since @Crowdalra also said this.

@Buckets_Sentry_Gun @TheMountainThatRoars @niaccurshi

Topic can be closed. Question answered :slight_smile: