On new dialogue with the release of tier 4 hunters


Are we getting any new dialogue with tier 4 hunters (Most notably between previous tiers and these new hunters). @SlabOMeat @MacMan @Matthew

DLC and Dialogue

Just Saiyan


I’m sure there will be, would be pretty awkward if the tier 4 characters just said nothing to the others.


Yes. . .eventually.

The new four talk to each other (a lot, they have more dialog with each other than any of the original 12 have with each other) and will interject into some of the longer dropship conversations.

But it’s going to be a while before their dialog with the original hunters is recorded and in the game. That’s an unhappy side effect of our development schedule.

*Official Tier 4: DISCUSSION, Abilities, Strategy, Story, VoiceOver, Pics, etc. *UPDATED 3/31 8:00pm (EST)*

What about the new stories regarding the four hunters? Should we expect those to drop in a scheduled once a week format similar to how the others dropped once they get released?


Thought you said they were going to bring all the voice actors back “relatively soon” back in January. Guessing some plans have changed?


I… I find it a little worrying that the dialogue wasn’t written and recorded a while ago. I don’t make video games, so my opinion ain’t worth much, but it seems like you’d plan all of this way ahead of time. Not a huge deal, but it would be nice!

Ah well, glad to have them now rather than wait until they have VO anyway, obviously.


Well, remember this is DLC. Like they said, this wasn’t stuff they held back for release - none of it was done. It’s nice to see the Hunters released even if some of the minor content surrounding them will come out later. It might be a bit of unorthodox scheduling, but I’d rather play the new Hunters than wait for flavor content. They’re kind of expensive, so it’s good to know longer-term support is part of the purchase.


Aww I am so hyped for Slim and Hydes dialog, I need my lore fix. I’ve read all the canon twice, I need this


When the original 12 VO’s return, will they have more conversation with each other?


Unfortunately, I’m not in charge of these things. Alas.


Yeah, a lot more.


The lead time on this stuff is pretty ridiculous.


I understand, but it’s at least 90% sure you guys will do more VO eventually? P.S. any word of the new hunter stories? P.P.S. love your work both in the game and the short stories on the fourms


Thanks dude! You’re awesome! Keep up the good work!


The devs have expressed their intentions on nurturing this IP for a while as long as there are enough players who continue to show their love, support, and craving for more. I would love for there to be 32 hunters and 8 monsters two or three years from now. Ruccus over “day-one DLC” and the delay of patches aren’t helping. :fearful:


What about gameplay? Will the original hunters know that it’s a Behemoth?


The current hunters do not converse about any specific monster to avoid multiplying the amount of lines the actors would have to say. The subjects are kept vague by using phrases like “these things,” or “the monster.”


Nah, they call out the monster. They have specific lines saying “Goliath!” or “It’s got a rock!”, etc.


Oh right, I see. I was only considering the dropship conversations…