On fire and on display during end cutscene?

Well I’d also like to see Slim nerfed but that won’t happen either.

He was already. You can nerf him again. Doesn’t bother me. I mean what else can you nerf him on?

His healing and his spores. His nerf changed literally nothing. He still out-heals every other medic in the game, and his ability to blind Monsters is too strong.

He needs major nerfs.

You’re not blind when hit with the spores. Not like you can’t see… his heals…mmmmmmm no comment on those.

Oh, you’re right, because it’s not like it’s impossible to see past your own Monster that takes up 1/4 of the screen, along with the spore particles… and explosions… and shield beams… and the healing… and the abilities you use… and wildlife… and literally anything else.

God forbid you see Slim in the cloud and which case good luck killing him while Hank shields him.

The silhouettes don’t count?

You can’t see silhouettes in the cloud.

…stop trolling me.

This stuff is all absolutely irrelevant to the bug, quit it, thanks :smile:

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aye 10 chars

Okay, since we’re talking about this there is, on occasion a chance to see the Lance’s particle effects In the cutscene too.

The same thing happens if you’re getting healed by a medbeam (Val, Slims lovebug), as well as the occasional assault shield, plasma lance, and, iirc, poison

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So just a case of needing to clear the effects off the screen when the game is over :smiley: