On fire and on display during end cutscene?

On PC, if I’m on fire as a hunter when the match ends the flame effects are still shown on screen when the cutscene of the dropship taking off is played, as if I’m completely invisible and walking on the spot on fire. :smiley:


Speaking of fire. Is it a glitch that fire DoT attacks no are negated by shields? Or was this intended in 5.0? Shields SHOULD cancel out the flames like they did before.

It wasnt intendid to take out the fire like it was before, One of the devs confirmed this, Its what made Hank a pain in the buns in the first place.

Are you going to take me or not?

I see this all the time (Ps4)

It wasn’t? that’s super lame. -_-. A quick shielding got rid of such nonsense. Ugh…oh well…gona have to live with it I guess.

And yes. I shall. TCTF_SWAT psn.

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But then why does a fire from an outside source (natural fires) are dosed instantly with shield but not monsters?

When I heard the devs say it wasnt intendid before I was in disbelief… Hank was my Main for support…

Magic… duh

I think they should have kept it the way it was.

Once again thats why he was considered OP in most cases.

Sunny’s sheild was worse for that. Since you can still have it manually target it you in certain places on maps.

I’m getting nothing eh? Damn…you feisty…I like em’ feisty.

But it wasnt bad because you could always destroy it and focus sunny while it was down or just hit the hunter with other high damaging abilities.

My favorite thing ever, is that if Jack tosses down his tracker beam right as the monster dies, you see the beams as the ship is flying off. It’s like a party!!! :smile:

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Sorry sir but that just might be the drugs… want some?

That’s why anitcaptaion was key with sunny.

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Im also the worst with sunny…

She requires management.

Yes it was intended, instead of using a quick shield you can shield the person and have the shield soak the damage.

The shield was never meant to eat DoT effects, such as poison from Poison Hounds, fire and other DoT effects that may or may not exist.

It was a bug and so it was fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

Dumb…I would like it reversed back to it’s original state.