On a scale of 1 to 10 what would you rate xenogears (ps1)


Was thinking of giving it a go but I also nees to know if the switching to a mech thing is as pointless as in Zenosaga I mean I spent a lot of money on that and it seemed pointless tho I never beat Zenosaga so yeah


Xenogears was AMAZING, BUT… and it’s a decent but… I got slightly bored halfway through the game (The sewers area for those that have played it) It took me 2 times restarting the game to finally punch through it but I am REALLY glad I did. The story got crazy good towards the end and it is really worth the time. Also has some of the best music and quotes from RPGs of that generation. So I would give it a 9/10. Only because the mid part of the game felt a bit slow as there is a bit of setup with the many characters in it.

Xenosaga was an okish flop. The only thing I liked about it was the background and reasoning for the bad guy. The rest of it was only ok.

The Mech thing is WAY different and more story based than the first game.


Excellent games. Been a while since I played, but if I recall correctly, I liked them more than FF.

Also, typo in the title. Starts with an “X” instead of a “Z”.


You’re absolutely right


@Maddcow you seen to be pretty knowledgeable on games what’s some good old rpgs you’d recommend? Any system before ps2 I’m usin fb emulators on my phone


Sure thing. I’ll skip over the Final Fantasy games since you seem to be aware of them, likewise Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross and Xenogears. I will point out Final Fantasy Tactics for it’s amazing story and really cool class system. I’m just doing SNES and Genysis for now. I can go through some playstation ones as well but figured I didn’t want to overwhelm TOO much and to also see what kinds of RPGs you like the most.

Sega Genesis/Megadrive

  • Shining Force 1 & 2 - While more of a tactical based RPG (Think Final Fantasy Tactics) Shining Force 1 & 2 are both really solid with some really good mechanics. Lots of hidden characters and items made these games a blast.

  • Phantasy Star IV - The rest of the series is good but this one was extremely well done. Do note that this is a direct sequel to Phantasy Star II and concludes that portion of story. I don’t think it’s required to play II, but this was definitely the jewel of the show. The Genesis wasn’t really lauded as having great RPGs, but this one was extremely well done. The nice thing is that the sci-fi backdrop was a nice contrast to all the ‘fantasy’ based RPGs around this time.

  • Illusion of Gaia - This was another really solid hit for the SNES for me. I like how it blends real life world locations with a good story.

  • Warsong - I REALLY loved this game and I would put it in the same pool as Final Fantasy Tactics type tactical based game. You have different troops based under a certain type of commander that can level up and branch out into different classes. Each class has different types of troops. Those troops fight it out and it’s a rock paper scissors type system with hard counters. It’s got LOT of depth and was a ton of fun for me growing up.


  • Super Mario RPG. I really like the combat. It’s more interactive/involved due to timing of hits than most normal RPGs. The story was also pretty decent and I was surprised that I enjoyed this so much.

  • Secret of Mana. Good story and combat system. Really enjoyable music. This is a classic.

  • Suikoden Series - Especially Number 2. These weren’t super known over here in america but this was an extremely well made set of games. The second game has a bunch of ‘oh shit’ moments that I still remember today.

  • Earthbound - I mention this here because it has become something of a cult classic. I was never 100% invested in it but it does have a good story line. As with all RPGs try to avoid spoilers but some of the things that happen towards the end really hit home.

  • Lagoon - This is a realtime action RPG that I thought was pretty well done. The combat is nice for not having to do turn based battles and the story was pretty good.

  • Soulblazer - Similar to the above, what I really liked about this title is that you are slowing recovering souls which in turns allows you to ‘rebuild’ the world, so to speak, and it’s a clever mechanic that ties into the story.

  • Star Ocean series - This was another good series of games that came out that had some really good mechanics. The platform this game was on jumped around a bit but it started on the SNES with the first Star Ocean.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Actraiser 1 - Lite RPG but I really enjoyed the town building aspect. The combat is side scrolling combat and your character’s strength is based on how well you designed your town.

  • 7th Saga - This is interesting in that your character choice changes a few things in the game. Not quite enough to warrant playing through with all of them, but I did like that each playthrough felt ls

  • EVO - This is RPG lite but it is a FUN game. You start off as a tiny fish and eventually grow and evolve into Dinosaurs, Birds and even a possible caveman. Lots of different ways to play with a few hidden gems for ‘bonus characters’. For instance there are certain things you must do in order unlock the caveman. All in all this is worth the playthrough. The story is a bit weak, but the evolution idea is pretty good for it’s time.


Omg 7th saga…sooooooo many hours of grinding and the you fight valsu and learn he can’t be beat…love/hate that game…
Star ocean I loved played 1,2,&3 2 is probably one of my all time favorite rpgs
Couldn’t get into earthbound…
And I 100% agree about ff tactics man just absolutely amazing!
I heard suikoden was kinda like pokemon is that true?
And thanks man looks like a have some games to check out appreciate it!!!


Somewhat. Suikoden 2 is like Game of Thrones meets Pokemon.


I have never seen so much deus ex machina. And Ive played Chrono Cross.


Omg I loved Warsong too hardly anyone remembers that game man. I have no doubt it influenced some more modern games. Reading this gave me flashbacks I played a lot of these and totally forgot about some of them.

The first Suikoden on PS1 was good as well. Also the Grandia series which started on the Sega Saturn was pretty good.

The SNES also had the first Breath of Fire and the PS1 had Wild Arms.


This is a great thread.

I’ve made it a habbit of playing through all these old RPG’s, some with Cookie (Secret of mana, ff6+7) and many alone. To me a good RPG is like a good book, a story to be told.
We also have an old videogame+console collection so most of these we play on their original systems :blush:

Right now I’ve been killing all the old final fantasies on my phone (did fft, 5,4,1 now on ff2 and so far it’s definitely the worst xD) and also planning to play “The World Ends With You” which I’ve heard great things about. You try that one @MaddCow ?


Yes, the one for the DS? I really enjoyed that one :slight_smile:


So xenogears seems ok so far but the sound is horrible I mean it sounds like the games taking a shit every time theirs fire or sand… the fighting system is ok I think ff7 was better and SO2 but so far I’m not bored of it as for story idk the dialog is so so feels kinda forced idk but I’m only a few hours into it so I’m sure it will get better. …oh and the fucking jumping is killing me!!! Playing on a phone is horrible I literally spent close to an hour on the part where you get captured and the pirates sink the ship your in…the fucking bridge with the spots missing…fuck that shit and the camera angles are a pain lol


@MaddCow the sewers part you were talking about is it when you gotta find the key for the door that the robot has somewhere? Cause fuck that part


No, it’s when you are doing the arena area and you are thrown in the slums. Then there is like a murder investigation down in the sewers.


That being said, I LOVE the soundtrack for the game :slight_smile:


Yeah when you get rico…man I finally found the robot with the key you need about to fight the monster I hope cause I’m soooooooooooo sick of these damn sewers

Oh and the sound might be off cause I’m using an emulator on my phone


Ok well I really tried to like this game but…it’s just horrible I’m 17-20hrs in and it’s still slow as fuck the combat is boring I mean it seemed cool at first but once you get all the deathblows you just use the strongest so the rest are useless…the characters are boring and the dialog is immense and half is pointless so many of the same things said over and over and over again just ugh…the platforming is horrible and camera angles are shit and honestly nothing in the story has been interesting enough to keep me I’ve been at the point where I just wanted to beat it rushing through every part but I just can’t do it anymore… .I hAve no clue how this game got such a fan base


It takes a long time to establish the world before it goes into to good parts is the thing.


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