Omg what has happened to this game?!


I played evolve when it first came out. Due to outside stress I had to stop because I had no internet until recently. Every time I play as a monster now, even my favorite the behemoth I am getting stomped by everyone with Lazerus on their team. The monsters feel squishy and once a team has found me I can’t get away. The rest of the match is them constantly on my ass whittling down my health until they win. What’s happened since I’ve been gone??


Basically everyone got better and now knows how to play the game as efficient as possible. Whereas you’ve been out of the loop and need to adjust to everything that’s new :slight_smile:


Also, Behemoth is slow, like very slow. You need to know how to play him well and get your combos going in order to win. I would suggest to play Goliath first as he is still the best burst damage monster there is (plus the most fun to play)


Also behemoth sucks but it sounds like you’re rusty. Big new patch out fairly soon which will change things up quite a bit so get rid of that rust now and hit the ground running before leaping into new patch heaven :slight_smile:



Ya I figured I was rusty. And since I’ve been gone they have added and updated a ton of things. I love this game and didn’t mean to come across as bashing it. I guess I will restart at the basics and work my way up…but still FUCK LAZERUS


Not much longer now and the game is going to get a massive overhaul!

Check some of the pinned topics or just scroll through the Dev Tracker and see what kind of goodies are coming!


Simple strategy is to get someone down fast (preferrably support) and then focus on Laz.

If he cloaks, go back to where the body is and attack it from time to time for about 10 seconds (which is the time period his cloak stays up). - Like traverse away from the body, hit it with a rock throw, traverse back to the body and hit it. Go away again and then Leap smash back on the body.

Later, proceed with finishing Laz off.


Laz is the weakest medic so you’re either going up againt coordnated teams (silver league in Hunt 2.0) or you do not know how to counter Laz.

Do not focus Laz as he will mitigate and Clark, but go for someone you can down like Trapper, Support, or Assault. Then when you hear him talk or use glove, get ready to melee the body to prevent him from getting the res or to chase him after he does. If you need to, take a few HP bars to ensure Laz has a strike.

As for him being slow, yes he is, but he needs flat, open, and long areas to safely escape. Maps like Broken Hill Foundry are not friendly to Behemoth unless you run during domes, and try to get trapper to dome in the foundry building.

Behemoth also has a high skill ceiling as @Torvald_Stavig can argue, so you really need to play him hard before you expect to get win after win.



A lot’s changed and when the summer patch arrives soon 1-2 months time it will almost be a different game from launch.You’re probably getting stomped because well you answered your own question you haven’t played for a long time hence your opponents are probably more in tune with the game!


Originally I played behemoth quite well and defeated more teams than I lost. Honestly I think I’m just going to break off the rust as another said. I just did a match with basic Goliath and did extremely well. Stage two wipe. Now I have to figure out how the hell the gorgon works. When I play hunter that monsters is a beast to fight.


Yes I figured that was the cause but I wanted to post to make sure that they were in the middle of a rebalance. Like they did after nerfing wraith into the ground


Best counter to Laz: Meteor Goliath. He nullifies cloaks.

Also Behemoth is pretty good. He’s slow, but really strong and has a lot of health. He is also a good Laz counter. Incap Trapper, Assault, or Support, kill the Hunter, use Rock Wall, and then eat the body.


Platform? If xbox i’ll play with ya and help you back into the groove.


I’m on Xbone gamer tag is WarlordTypheous


I added you but I’m at work right now. I’ll send a message or something when I get home


Gorgon works mostly by stacking her DOT’s. Acid Spit does acid DOT, Websnare does poison DOT, and Mimic does DOT upon exploding as well.

Probably the best ability set right now is to take 3 in Acid, then 3 in Web, then 3 in Spider. That’s what I use.

I can add you when I get home and we could play together if you’d like.


I will also be adding you. Good luck, happy hunting :slight_smile:


Okay cool. I may have to catch you guys tomorrow