Omg the matchmaking


The leaders boards having certain badges by your name showing off your rank
Global rank
1-1000 : gold ( stage 3 )
1001-5000 : silver ( stage 2 )
5001-10,000 : bronze ( stage 1 )
10,001< X rank : nest rank

The server will allow for all stage 3 rank players to be matched up before trying to match you with stage 2 or lower and so on.
This allows for new players to evolve to actually enjoy the game and have fun with other players that fit there skill lvl.
Also still keeping the current quick search for those who don’t mind being matched with those of various skill levels.
Lol and also giving individual players a sense of accomplishment for not only reaching lvl 40 but having your stage 3 emblem by your name. I think it would be a cool addition to evolve.


My global rank is really low but my skill level is really high. This wouldn’t work with the current setup. This is due to my playing nothing but custom games.

It ‘might’ work with W/L ratio instead of rank.


Not for Hunters.

You have no idea how much terrible teammates I get patched with before hitting a lobby with semi-decent people.

…and then running into a player that’s not necessarily better than me, but is better than all of my teammates, and no thanks, I hate having to carry people without them learning from it.


@MaddCow yeah I thought about that but then what’s stopping rage quitters? maybe if you quit you get a lose anyways, so you might as well stay. I think it should be win lose ratio as well because somepeople might be good but they just cant play evolve everyday due to other life occupations and events.


Rage quitters would get a loss. Eventually their losses would put them back at the bottom of the standings. I’m not saying w/l ratio is the best, but it’s better then /timeplayed with the current setup.


well now we got longer matchaking just great


you still have the option of just going to a quick match, the other server is optional, if you want people in your bracket to play against and with, it is up to you.


Yeah the leaderboards needs a way to keep track of W/L ratio having an impacted on your ranking system without promoting rage quitting.