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Dear TRS, heed my call and remember…
Over the time of Evolves life, the hunters and the monsters have been tweaked, re-tweaked, nerfed, buffed and so on quite many times. And I can’t help to believe that most of the times there has been a buff/nerf is due to the many complaints on forums about this and that about this hunter and that monster.

Now the balance patch is here, most people who are a bit more “into” the game or I might say, have better knowledge/generally better players - agree that Evolve 2.0 is the best thing that has happen. Meanwhile, the complainers are gonna complain as usual.

But remember, the whiners are those who are the loudest, not the majority.


Buffs and nerfs are done from TRS listening to competitive players, they’re the most experienced of all those that play Evolve and so they are heard most.

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Well, we are listening to everybody for different things. We listen to the high tier guys for very specific fine tuning stuff, but really not so much for how the game feels or quality of life improvements. The casual player feedback help us make sure the game is fun and understandable and the general player pool help us with everything in between and a little of both on either side.


What defines someone who is “into” the game?
Someone who agrees with you?

I have over 500 hours logged and think a lot of the changes 5.0 brought are utter garbage and a massive step in the wrong direction.

can I make it more clear?

The majority wanted aftershock nerfed in its speed or its radius and that didn’t happen

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