Omg stop talking rubbish


“running around a map is lame”. Check this out, evolve is not casual friendly, you are simply running around a map if you don’t know what you’re doing; the casual gamer.
The balancing was pretty god damn close at the competitive level for a tough to balance game.
The content that was worth the $60 was in the planning of how to make this game competitively deep, not with a lot of bells and whistles and tack on side missions etc etc, what i’m trying to say is ALL the content it does have can be discussed at length between strategists. the game was not released casually friendly, and for that i say sorry to the casual gamers that fund the majority of progress in gaming, but that does not mean it was a bad game, just wrong place wrong time.




Standing over a body trying to revive player and monster is wailing on you

“This game is just so unbalanced.”


I remember some negative comments on Amazon :
" That Game is Crap the Monster wins everytime “
” Worst Game ever the Medic only can heal He cant make any Damage "

I was like

Or the best comment ever
" That Game sucks it didnt work whit my 3D Glasses "


What exactly is the point of this thread?


I am pretty sure there is already simillar thread talking about exact same video.

@ToiletWraith am I rite ?


Yes I am rite



Sadly, the opposite was the case…


I suppose there’s a bit of both, quick play for casual, hunt for competitive


The notion that a game is meant exclusively for “competitive” in the sense of “I’m a pro MLG player wannabe” is ridiculous. A game of this size needs people to buy it and play it, and that by default means taking care of the casual scene as well as anything else.

Aside from that, I don’t recall it ever being listed as a “competitive” game in any other sense than that you compete against one another because it’s PvP.


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I can’t believe that this happened to my first favorite game in years. Ugh it makes my heart ache ;-;


I don’t understand why there is such a negative image for Evolve. Sure there are balance issues, but what online multiplayer game don’t? As for the skins, they are cosmetic, not required to play, and affect gameplay 0%. Every point made it that video is moot imo. They make 0 valid excuses for why they hate it, other than they don’t know how to play (judging from the replay with all 4 hunters following monster tracks rather than splitting and cutting like they should) All in all, very poor argument shedding a skewed and poor image on what is a fantastic team play game! Very tired of sheeple adopting the hate train rather than trying the game for themselves.


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  1. Pro scene requires money
  2. Amount of gamers dictate the money

Thus, there cannot be pro scene without casual player base.

Tens of thousands people have tried this game and played it couple of hours. There is the biggest issue. I have at least 20 examples in my friends who played this game just a little and do not come back. It has nothing to do with the image this game have. They just didnt get the thrill and enthusiasm to keep playing.

Another major one is that long time players are driven away bcos of bugs and balance issues.


Exactly. I agree with everything you say there.

Yesterday evening I watched a german PS4 stream on twitch (together with around 20 other viewers I have never seen before) from a guy who bought at release last year but stopped playing it for a long time.

He said multiple times that this game is awesome and he really likes the concept of shooting a monster or playing a monster, killing wildife and throwing rocks, so good advertisment for the game. At the same time he didn´t follow any pings as a trapper, instead he discovered all corners of the map, analyzed Kala´s teleporter from up close, watched some wildlife, didn´t make any cuts etc. The low level monster got trapped a few times stage one and the trapper only shot tracking darts into him or threw stasis grenades from time to time ("…to get it elite"). During the fight he never stayed anywhere near the medic but even ran AWAY while assault and support just shooted everything except of the monster. Everyone in this forum has experienced that pub-play one time or the other. Interestingly his reaction to that round:

The team got strike after strike, no progression on health damage or anything - but the streamer was absolutley happy about how his stasis worked and how cool it was to get picked up by a cloaked support. How cool the flamethrower was looking from far, how cool the decoy effect looked etc. So he had no teamplay experience, no healing experience, no “let´s try to run into a teleporter to get away” experience, nothing. The monster won by beating down the relais. Instead of being a little angry or thinking about how this game COULD have been played strategically, he said to the viewers “Good game, that was fun - this monster is really hard to beat. But it´s a cool game”.
My question whether he liked to play it with me and in a full group of 4, he said “why not” but he had “no time to play” just every now and then…

There only has to be ONE person on hunterside who is similiar to this twitch streamer and it ruins the gameplay for the rest of the group. And this dude wasn´t even trolling - he was enjoying the game during the evening and he probably had no idea how stupid this game was on the other side for the other teammates.

People just don´t think strategically when they have a gun in their hand. Gamers learn in other shooters, that run and gun is the most important thing - healthbars are recvovering by itself - they are not used to those tactical games. And with that approach you cannot get thrilled with that game and you even block the thrill of the other players --> that´s why a lot of players stopped playing after a few hours…

Evolve has to be advertised as a first person strategy game instead of a shooter - the shooting element comes automatically. Shooting means egoism. Shooting is for Call of Duty.

Tutorials have to emphasize more on playing in a team, standing close to your mates, shielding, communication, sacrifice for your team (I don´t understand why ´catching a rock/abduction´ is a feature from high-level players, it should be done by far more people - it´s more a way of thinking how the game works instead of a high-skill move),

I highly recommed a short message system for the consoles like “shield, heal, relais, spread, help…”,

It must be advertised for buyers, that before you even start a hunt game as a hunter, you should have teamspeak. Without good communication, you are dead. If you are dead, the team is dead. If the team is dead you lose. Losing is no fun. This is a very simple approach, but often ignored or not understood automatically by new players.

The users here in the forum should make offers to new people, especially after those horrible rounds. Instead of writing in the thread “Evolve anonymous rant 2” (which is very funny to read though), you should write to those new players and invite them into partychat, just give them an idea of the basic elements of evolve…

That´s also true. Hopefully we come closer and closer to the “real balance point” with every update…


This thread triggers me


For me “Competitive” means there is a competition between two sides - this doesn´t include a qualitative assessment, it has nothing to do with how good or bad people are in this game. And because in evolve you have two sides competing against each other, this game is competitive.

The label “competitve” is not precise at all, because it implies for some, that you can´t play it casually - for me the terms “competitive” and “casual” are not two ends of the same dimension but just two different things. So yes, Evolve is a competitive game, but you also can play it casually.

The requirements for this game I see is to be willing to communicate, to be willing to play in a team, to be willing to leave the “normal shooter path” and follow the principles of teamplay. These requirements can be fulfilled as a casual evolve player, it´s not a matter of how many hours you put into that game but it´s a matter of attitude. Things like that

just wouldn´t happen if people would communicate…

A lot of gamers just wanna start a game, click on “play” and play easypeasy as they do it with many other games - this is not working with evolve…by thinking about the mentionend requirements, I think they look easy at first glance, but maybe they are too much for a lot of people. They think a good evolve game consist of landing some nice headshots, long distance tranqs or clutch harpoons but those skills are not required for the basic evolve game - evolve newbies have to have the chance of learning that before they get frustrated and leave the game with a wrong impression…

Speaking of reviewers: I guess they are not used to test that way and they don´t have the time to bring some friends together for customs - they just start the game, play easypeasy, doing a little shooting by themselves - so their review relies heavily on things like DLC, pricings etc and gameplay-wise on very superficial experiences…no wonder why reviews are so bad.

By the way, my roommate works for a german gaming magazine and he told me how reviewers and magazines are just copying each other, taking over basic opinions, ratings etc…so I don´t wonder anymore about the same superficial, short-minded arguments of why evolve is a bad game^^


IMO over all for evolves bad reviews the way I see it TRS is worried about its player base some of the competitive players have stayed most have left and their are by far more causal players so… if the game is focused on competitive only causal players are not going to stay because of how frustrating the game is.To add to the equation from the last battlefy pc and ps4 was barely to have the little tourney and xbox not at all.


I was a huge fan of evolve (i’m waiting for TU09) but i can’t really disagree with most of the arguments and opinions in that video. The game had barely any content at day 1 and it was clearly not ready to be released, huge balancing issues (it’s still pretty bad now balance wise), no ranked mode, terrible “campaign” mode etc.

Instead of adding free content so that the consumers could enjoy the full experience they paid 70$ for, they thought that selling playable characters at insane prices was a good idea. They didn’t even want to give you the chance to unlock the new characters by playing the game, which is absurd in a full price game. I mean that’s something that you usually see in f2p games, and even then, good f2p games offer you the chance to unlock new characters by playing.

Evolve deserved to flop, and it’s 2k’s fault for forcing the release of an unfinished game and selling tons of playable characters that should’ve been free at day 1.

Keep in mind that all this comes from a big fan of the game that bought every single DLC, and that’s because i love TRS’ work.


To be fair, there weren’t tons of new characters to buy. And none were available for purchase day one. (Unless that’s your point, tier 4 should have came with base game). They do release free adaptions though which are basically free characters. If this info was stated at launch in clearer ways, who knows.