Omg so amazing


you all need to go check out the wonderful art of these people who won today.


Everyone did a-freakin’-mazing! Great job!


WOAH WOAH WOAH hold up. What was that!? I didn’t make that!? I didn’t even comment in your thread!

Can someone explain to me what’s happening here?


Okay, so upon further inspection, it appears as though you payed absolutely 0 attention to your previous thread and included random fanart from around the forums and threw them in there (possibly) with out getting consent from the creators.

Now, if you had bothered to have asked me if you could put “my fanart” in a video, you would know that I didn’t draw that, and that I had shown people it to show an artists rendition of what they thought number five would look like. I even included the original artists deviantArt page on here.

Gg, Bat.



Yeah… you should fix this because if you just threw everything together without asking then that’s not cool.

The only art that you used from the thread you posted is

10.@ToiletWraith’s Hyde + Jack, she didn’t post her Lazarus


  1. @xDaRkNeZzChAoSX’s unfinished works.

Most of this is just random fan art from the forums and I assume you hadn’t even asked the others if you could use their art in the video.

You used all these people’s art in this when they didn’t even post it in their thread.
@Shaku, @crimsonregret55, @aboatman, @Jaydonald, @SledgePainter, @Iseanna

Also no offence to @Rapterror but he didn’t make that and it shouldn’t be here in the first place. It seems like this was hardly a ‘Contest’ and more of just going and finding fan art you liked and made a video, regardless of permission or actual contest type rules.


OP just got served. Lol

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I did post my Deviantart though. :slight_smile:


Well that’s one exception. 9 all the way through 2 weren’t on his page, nor were they even mentioned anywhere.


Thank you, Shredder. This is pretty ridiculous. It’s a good thing I happened to saunter by this thread to check out who won his contest. Then I come to find out that almost nobody who won (including myself) was even competing in it!


Hey man. It’s cool that you are trying to get involved with YouTube. What’s not cool is (forgive me if I’m misjudging here) throwing together what you can without much thought for the accuracy of the information or the people you might be affecting. Trust me, I understand the desire to expose your channel and increase views but I would focus on making quality content over click bait stuff and be respectful about where and how often you self-promote (for example, this video could have been posted in your other thread from which you got this content). It’s a lesson I’m still learning to be sure but if you just make good stuff, views will come.

Good luck with your YouTube adventures :slight_smile:


I’m pretty chill about this sort of thing, but in the future just ask BEFORE you post anything on YT.

He messaged me the link so I knew about it, but not 'til it was already uploaded.

And yes, the T5 fan art drawing that people are throwing around the forums here was made by a user called jycheng1999


Bat, I am totally unfamiliar with the contest? You were running. Please forgive me as I have been pretty busy the past month and haven’t been keeping up as well as I used to and want to. Only one piece was mine in the video and it was shown just afetr my name…but then followed a drawing of wraith and Daisy that were not mine. You will need to be careful in the future because people will assume those two images were mine.

That all said I personally don’t mind you showcasing my work, but other artists are very particular about this and will need permission given for such things, especially if they don’t know when or where their work is being used. So just be careful in the future.

Also…what did we win?


All I wanna know is… What did I win? :wink:

I will accept Skittles and/or a case of Red Bull.

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