OMG NEW MONSTER CONFIRMED! (totes not clickbait)


So last night, I had this dream I wanted to share with you because of how ridiculous it is. A new monster was out for Evolve, and I was playing it. You guys wanna know what it was? No really, guess. This is honestly the best part of the dream.

It was literally just a crowbill.

Oh, and its abilities? Well, it could breathe fire…and that was it. It was even the same as Goliath’s fire. But at least it had a cool traversal, right? Well…it didn’t have a traversal. At least it was tanky, though, with a whopping 4 BARS OF HEALTH AND ARMOR! But hey, it could eat while being shot by hunters, so there’s that.

That’s not even the best part because I lied earlier. The best part was the medic of that team. He was also new: A fat robot with a little round drone. TRS, can we have this?

And then there’s the wildlife. I think I was on a new map too, and I think that’s why the wildlife was literally just T. rex’s.

Sorry for wasting your time, I just thought maybe someone wuold actually be amused by this.


Omg your dreams too op pls nerf


Omg so OP ^^^^


Sry Gorgon i got my new Main