OMG Evolve looks so good on Ultra settings


I finally decided to upgrade my PC, I was stuck with a laptop that had a Intel HD4600 graphics card playing on 800x600 on the lowest settings and barley getting 20fps.

Finally brought a new laptop (because I haven’t got room for a desktop) with a GeForce GTX 980m, and I can finally run the game on ultra with a stable 60-70 fps and OMG it looks amazing!!! I can actually see everything on the screen now and feel like I’m playing much better.


Yup! The whole feel like you’re playing better thing… I experienced the exact same thing when I bought my new PC. You can see details much better and clearer, your movements are more fluent and on top of that it’s just that much more stunning to see all the extra particle effects.

Congrats on getting to upgrade :smiley:


Yes… join the glorious max-settings PCMR!


Same here. After spending exactly a year on Xbox I made my baby and the game feels so much different!


One day I shall have this…one day.


nice on the upgrades. Graphics though I don’t really care about.


When a mobile graphic card outperforms my desktop card… :weary:


How did you get 60fps ULTRA on a 980M?? My friend is using GTX 780 SLI and he only gets 40-50 fps.

I play on medium 1080p… Cuz my laptop only has a 960m.


Same here, with an AMD R7 360.


I have an i7-6700HQ @ 2.60GHz
and saved the game to my SSD

Edit: but I don’t have TXAA enabled, just SSAA TX1. TXAA makes the game too blury for my liking


/is jealous

I want this.


My friend has an i5-4460 I think, paired with 8GB 2133Mhz RAM and SSHD. But he’s not getting 60 fps on Ultra @ 1080p. Either the drivers are bad or game doesn’t do well with SLI.

Either way, sweet upgrade man.


You have exactly the same specs as my computer…