Oldest Forum Member


Title says it all; who, besides the devs, is the oldest member of this forum who is still active to this day?


Well I can definitely say it’s not me

April 15, 2015


System/Chloe/Discourse Devs/TRSCommunity I think.


By looking through the “Basic” badge category I managed to backtrack all the way to:

May 29th, 2014 → Nadir_Zoudji, First Basic Member

Three spaces ahead of him however was:

May 29th, 2014 → Plaff, Third Basic Member

Therefore I have to say @Plaff is considered to be the “Oldest” yet “still active” Forum Member to date.


Take all my likes. Good digging!!


Chloe is still here!


Am I considered a very old active forums member?


obviously I am the oldest I have been around sense 2000 bc when the goliaths and krakens roamed


I have been around since the beginning of time mwahahahah.


but evolve didn’t exist then




Is that an edited picture from assassination classroom? (good manga)


I’m pretty old definitely not the oldest. I go back to August 8th of 2014. Plaff is definitely the oldest, if slinky was active he’d be the oldest.


Not until you have your one year anniversary :stuck_out_tongue:


I was just a lurker when you joined the forums.


I was a lurker around June :stuck_out_tongue: . It looked like fun so i joined.


I was also a lurker since June, I just checked the forums to see Dev responses, I was more active on Twitter and Facebook, but then, I decided to join the forums to share my feelings on Defend mode :slightly_smiling:


If SlinkyGuy was still around he would most definitely be the oldest Forum Member, since he joined the day the Forum was created as far as I’m aware. But since he isn’t I guess that makes me the oldest non-dev user that is still active :stuck_out_tongue:


I only browsed around alpha/beta time but joined when I had a small problem after release the 1 year for me is soon lol


Old people…