Older player returning...my few issues on the game state


First of all, I still find it exceptionally enjoyable to play. Glad they added a ranked mode (3 more levels to get in, wee).
But since the start they’ve made a few changes…some I may not be totally on board with.

  1. All hunters can dome now. Kind of makes hunting the monster easier when all 4 can fan out and sweep the whole map, and only 1 has to find it, dome, and kite until the rest of the team comes. I would like the trapper to be the only one who is able to do this, again. Or nerf it to where hunters who are stuck outside cannot enter to fight until it is dropped.
  2. Radar blip on all trappers. It, by itself, isn’t totally game breaking. But couple that with the fact that everyone can drop dome now, makes monsters starting out to be rough.
  3. You cannot miss dome. The game simply will not let you input the F key to dome unless it’s guaranteed. Couple that with the fact that everyone can dome, and they have a free “over there” button…why would I want to play monster now?
  4. Wraith
  5. Stage 1 monsters are a bit too strong, I feel. I’d be good with a nerf if they take into consideration points 1-3
    Just a few…annoyances I feel.


No. This places far too much pressure on a single player, and it’s too much responsibility.

So what you’re saying is that you’d like for only a portion of the players be able to play, while the rest sit and watch?

If you keep running away from the spawning location, everyone should have at least a minute to eat. If they need more practice, there’s Hunt. Keep in mind the monster is just one player starting out “rough”. Hunters are four players starting out “rough”; chances of them making mistakes are far higher.

You can still be out of range.

I’m hoping that you play this game for the awesome fights, and not to sit in a bush pretending to be “sneaking” yourself to stage three.

Being fixed soon.

No. They’re able to dish out a strike or two. Just means people need to be on their toes from the get go, instead of when the monster reaches stage two.


I had a Sunny and Griff that tried that. 2 quick strikes on Griff because he was alone. It can be a problem in theory but in practice I don’t see the issue now that Cloak is gone.

Not really too much of a problem for me at least. I recommend Monsters wait after being pinged, then sneak and juke hard and fast. If they are spread out, kill one or get a strike. If you get them before the dome is deployed you get 10 seconds to book it before the dome comes up again. If you get domed there goes 3.5 min off it for you!

See the things above, Monsters are also a bit more powerful Stage 1 and will get more powerful in Updates.

Yeah…Luckily they are fixing her. She’s a PUBStomper alright!

Literally your first 3 points are why Monster need to be Stronger. If Monsters are nerfed Stage 1, You WILL see teams spread out and do what you described. The reason I can punish Hunters that split up like that Stage 1 is because I have usually 3-4 POWERFUL Abilities to keep them from kiting me.

I don’t think you need to worry too much, even if something becomes a little too unbalanced Stage 2 seems to be able to fix stuff much more rapidly!


Yeah I’m right there with you bud. There are some who feel the same way here, but these views aren’t popular around here. They like the new ways of Huntin’ them there Monsters real easssy like.

Quick they’re coming for you to flame you for this post. It’s the “new age” Hunters RUN man RUN:



Someone tries to equate not being able to miss dropping the dome to not being able to drop it until they are around the monster…what.
No, only trapper should have dome. And if that places too much emphasis on one player, then why are you not asking to be rid of the medic class entirely and let everyone else self heal.
Yes, you should be able to miss the monster with the dome. This has completely pandered to the hunters so much. Not being able to miss dome is…not logical. Giving everyone the dome…why? Why didn’t they nerf assault damage if he’s a pseudo trapper now? Or nerf medic healing because she can dome. Letting everyone dome doesn’t make any sense to have a trapper now, since they all are trappers.
I’m not saying monsters never win, but I feel I have too many, easy, brainless tools to use (some that cannot be missed…I can’t get over this).
And yes, half the team should be out of the fight if they aren’t in the dome zone when it pops. The fact that you bring this up as a point to allow them to enter is not logical. Position yourself before dropping a wall, it’s common sense


Also, I used to be frightened in the jungle. The wildlife used to actually be a threat and increase the immersion


I’m curious if you’ve experienced this:

Anytime I’ve been in a team where one Hunter was off alone scouting or whatever, they ended up pounced or wrecked. Has splitting up so much been successful?