Older Casual Gamers? Non-Competitive on XBOne


Wondering if there are any slightly older gamers out there, (I’m 38)…

Preferably casual games who don’t take gaming too seriously at all and are just looking to have a good ol’ time socializing, joking around and playing strictly for the fun of it.

I’m in EST.

Gamertag same as screen name.


OLD??? OLD??? Ha ha ha… now listen up here ya young pup, don’t be pulling up the pipe and slippers just yet (oh and… “get off my lawn dammit!”). Sadly I am almost always the oldest fart in any game I play (just south of 50 here).

Anyway, I am entirely chilled and just play to have some fun and meet peeps… a few beers and whacking monsters is how I roll.

My GT = theGypsy66


37 here and also EST. I’ll play any class. On most nights between 10 and midnight. Sick of no one using their mic. Add me, please.


I’m new to the game and looking for a group to play. I’ve played all classes etc. Preferably with mic


Added and message sent.


Added and message sent!


It’s a holiday up here (Canada) and I should be around this afternoon at some point. Will look for ya…


I’m 39 and need people to hunt with. Hit me up. Gamer tag is SKID VICIOUSs


I’m 39 and looking for people to hunt with. Add me. Gamer tag is SKID VISIOUSs.


I am on tonight if anyone wants to crew up


I’ll be on around ten. Have to watch The Flash and Face Off with the wife. :cry::cry::cry::cry:


lol no probs brother… should still be on

Made top 10 world with my bucket tonight… on a groove


gamertag = thegypsy66


Hey, I’m 29 looking for mature people to play with.
Add me if you’re in need of other players, sick of playing with no communication between players.
GT: Ez Muu.


yep 34 here have a small group I play with but we are all rarely on at the same time

GT: turk mcgurk


33 here. Gamertag is Capt Crunch1234, your post exactly sums up what I’m looking for. I’ll add and message you. Anyone looking to group up feel free to add me.


I’ll be on shortly… maybe 1hr or so? Feel free to add/message…


Well this thread is obviously more popular than mine which is basically the same thing. You already see my gamertag above and if you are looking for these criteria in a clan across multiple games & platforms check out gunslingergaming.com

see you online!


I would love to hook up with you guys on Xbox. Age 34. Also EST, usually in bed by 10:30 during the week, though could stay up later if we have some good games going. Gamer tag same as Forum name. Good with all classes (Elite Abe and Bucket, almost Elite Goliath.) Add me!


Added you and will throw you an invite next time I see you on.