Old Wraith Abduct Glitch- Stasis


So it would seem that Stasis and Tranq effects also trigger the Abduct glitch. Pretty self explanatory, got it twice in the same match. Although if it means anything that match was also laggier than @LaggerCZE. :stuck_out_tongue:


Abduct glitch? Is that when you get frozen in place?


Yass. It used to be harpoons, turns out it works with Crow’s Stasis Gun as well.


I was watching that stream when it happened. Can confirm match looked really laggy. Dropped packets may have contributed, or even been the cause.


I saw you in the viewer list. :slight_smile: It made me so sad because nobody else was seeing the lag. They all think I suck now. >.>


walks away silently


Happens to me almost every time I play Wraith. ^.-


Abduction has so many glitches that it’s really not safe anymore using it at > 15 meters range.

  • Moving right through a Hunter not being able to grab him
  • Suddenly grabbing a Hunter while in the reverse animation
  • After grabbing a Hunter the animation ends in a completely different spot than the actual trajectory of Abduction
  • Getting stuck on environment in the backwards animation while the forward animation went through without problems
  • Abduction doing double damage, first at the grab second at the release