Old vs New hunters


the first hunters looked awesome how do they balance out with the new bloods?


I know damage wise they have very close outputs. To be honest they are just different in preference. I think both sets are pretty awesome!


It’s just different play-styles. Markov is more accurate at longer range; more shots will hit, but then he has less damage.

Hyde does more damage when he’s near the monster, but he isn’t as accurate at a longer distance. So less shots will hit at a distance.

Support supports the team as always. Making areas dangerous, and helping to make sure the team takes less damage (Bucket does that by helping find the monster earlier, meaning they can catch it when it’s weaker and stop it evolving to stage 2/3 where they’ll take a lot more damage)

The others are self explanatory really, and there isn’t as much of a need to explain how they differ from each other. Just can’t wait to see the third tier of hunters now! :slight_smile:


Preference too plays a part.
So far I’d want a mix;
Hyde, Griffin, Laz and Bucket are my favourite so far, but it’d totally be necessary to swap them out for different Monster players who do different tactics, like,
Markov (for those who get up in your chops) Maggie (for those who go Solid) Val (for those who are heavy hitters with the abilities) and Hank ( for those with the skill shots)