Old version had better graphics


My experience was odd.

In Alpha, 1080p, had to drop all settings to low/off to get 50-60FPS.
In Beta, 1080p, during tutorial, game ran GREAT at default medium settings. However, in actual MP games, FPS dropped down to 25-35.

So if further GFX optimizations have not been made since the Beta build, I think I’m actually gonna have to run this game in 720p and then up my GFX to a point where it can reliably maintain 60FPS for best image quality. 720p is 1/2 the pixels that 1080p is, so that will help the system out until I get a new PC later this year. But I hope to see some marked improvements over Beta’s optimzations. I still find it so odd the tutorial played so smoothly, but actual games were so bad. :confused:


I honestly dunno what happened with the optimization.I got a guy who was able to play Alpha on his laptop with everything low.At Beta the PC couldn’t even run it.At the tutorial he was seeing only images so it was pretty unplayable.

My experience.At home i’m cool.Alpha or Beta everything was same to me.But where i work we got a bit old PC’s.At Alpha we where downing the resolution to 1440x1024(or whatever that resolution is) and we could play just fine.Now when i tried it the game was pretty much unplayable.Dunno what optimization did from Alpha to Beta but it was pretty bad for low-end PC’s


The game really doesn’t look that much different. It’s simply differences in lighting.


Summoning @MrStrategio regarding low settings working in the Alpha and not in the Beta. I’ve been hearing that from numerous folks.

One of the things we had to do for optimization was cut the number of dynamic lights. Those bad boys are expensive perf wise.


When i hear optimization i think in my head that it means making the code perform better not actually disabling/cutting/downgrading the grafix or am i mistaken here?

Did you guys cut the number of lights from all the settings or just below ultra? In my eyes when we are talking about PC you make ULTRA the benchmark that has everything even if it lags the current top tier PC’s excluding something ridiculous like 3x GtX980 builds.


Ive noticed awesome optimization I could run the Alpha at max settings with mild framerate drops and tearing whereas the Beta same settings but no issues whatsoever so ya I’d say they are better now.


Good to hear that, on my own rig i got worse performance compared to the big alpha.


What did you do for anti aliasing?cause I generally keep that in the mid range since it doesn’t get noticeably better visually after a certain point and that makes a HUGE difference. Also Vsync sucks everygame I use it in reduces my fps


I always play with AA off and Vsync off.Not that my PC can’t handle it.I just like it better that way dunno why


Depends on the game sometimes there is a huge difference between aa and no aa but others its negligible


I’ve been hearing it both ways. Unfortunately we’re not seeing any issue on our end, but we realize not all PC’s are built/setup the same like consoles. To help investigate this issue, it would be helpful to grab a screenshot of the GFX settings, DirectX diagnostics(DxDiag), and list specifics to how you setup your PC. Dual Screen, SLI, Peripherals used, & programs running in the background. Hopefully with enough reports we can find a common thread.

I can say with certainty that optimization were made between Alpha and Beta and are still being made for release. If performance ends up badly for you at launch, please report it with as much detail as possible so we can work towards a resolution.


So if I increase the brightness in my tv it will look like this I’m playing in 1080p ps4…


Lighting. Not “Lightening”.


Also do not be surprised if graphical fidelity is lessened on ps4 vs PC. PC’s are generally much more powerful. That alone could be the difference you’re seeing. I honestly haven’t seen the ps4 version to know.


I had both alpha and beta on ultra, beta was somewhat better “overall”. Alpha 55-60fps, Beta was pretty much sitting on 60fps, save for “misty” (snow storms etc.) areas where fps dropped to 30, I don’t recall having such huge drops in alpha. Now I know my friends had this performance drop too in beta.


I can’t see a difference between the two sorry.