Old version had better graphics


Look at this gameplay http://youtu.be/P74xnbu0_Qc its way better than what turtlerock is showing off now.


Someone post Ultra settings gameplay from recent beta at 1080p plox so we can see if theres a difference. not from streams but from local recording.


The difference you’re seeing is colour balance and post FX adjustments. The actual graphics are the same.


In Alpha, I was forced to lower the graphics to run the game smoothly.
In Beta, I was able to run better graphics, with good FPS (thanks to optimisations made by the Devs).

So, in my experience, Graphics are better now than before, while using the same computer. :smile:


Here’s mine from Alpha, running on ultra. I’m not noticing any difference between then and now, tbh. Fusion plant is more definitively a night time map now, though.


We don’t need material from alpha we need it from beta to compare to the early material.


Beta looks the same, and Press Release version. It’s more optimized, but graphically is identical.


Here’s a game from the Beta (looking identical);


Thank you very much. We had this discussion at one point but sure lets look at it again.’

What i can see they are nearly identical to the beta footage maybe some slight motion blur that im noticing on the early footage. did you have it turned off in your beta clip?


Not that I recall, I can check this evening and record / upload something from Fusion Plant.


The main difference is that the old video is much brighter and with vivid, orange glow plants, instead of a yellow or dull white. Fusion plant is now MUCH darker, especially in the crashed ship jungle area. There does seem to be a blur effect and more atmospheric lighting in the old video. Combine all that makes the image a lot more crisp and with areas that really pop.


I think that there is too much ‘static’ lighting.
When possible, they should increase the reflection of e.g. Goliath’s firebreath on the ground and you should be able to see the light of other players flashlight. That’s the only thing I can recommend the developers to implement in the future because the game would look MUCH better doing so, every other aspect is perfect :slight_smile: @MacMan @SlabOMeat
Happy hunting!


Yeah i get the feeling that they changed lighting to be darker or something so the changes are prolly just style changes over anything else.


I remember there was this same discussion when L4D was new. Then it was noticeable though, and looked much different than the release version, unlike here.


Your eyes wouldn’t stand two hours of playing that version. They kind of shifted the tones to be more neutral and easier on the eyes.


The older version looks way better


It looks too flashy. Try cranking up saturation and brightness/contrast on any of the latest Evolve videos, you’ll get the same effect with the same downside: heavy eye strain.


Classic Ubisoft, presenting better graphics than what we get in the final release.

… Oh wait, that’s different game.


Haha i agree it looks better but only for a reason.Its the lighting.Fusion plant now is much more darker.A game looks more beautifull when its day.Fusion plant was supposed to be a dark map.So my guess is if a map is released with a TOTAL sunshine the game will look like this


It just looks brighter to me.

It’s most likely been made darker because of the monster trying to hide in a bush in broad daylight would be painfully obvious, the lack of light and color allows the big derpy monster to hide in bushes easier. That, and looking towards the sun in the early version would go something like this: