Old trapper + dome or bye


C`mon guys, new players can’t be that dumb … Trapper is my favourite class and now it feels useless. I loved having the responsabilty to trap the monster in the dome and in a good spot. Now everyone can just press F and do my job. Plus now you don’t have to track the monster, just press 4 and everyone can just follow the red arrow. Its more noob friendly, but even noobs will end up learning and will find these mechanics boring.

If dome and trapper ult remain as they are now I will just quit the game again.

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Well a good Trapper knows the value of CC. So do Monsters…

I played against a team and by far the worst part was the constant poons Griff was sinking in my back.


Dude, the new harpoon pull mechanic on Kraken tilts me so bad :stuck_out_tongue:


These changes to the dome are in response to two things:

  1. Yes, the game needs to be more friendly to new players. That is feedback they’ve gotten, collected, and now implemented. Right now every new player gets that popup and they press it straight away without thinking about, “Is this the location I want to fight in?” I’m sure this will change down the road once people become more used to it.

  2. This was needed to help reduce the amount of Flee 'til [Stage] 3 in the game, which was not fun for anyone but the Monster that used that strategy.

The Planet Scanner ability for the Trapper is also a godsend sometimes because the timer for matches is now 12 minutes instead of 20 minutes. You can’t afford to be going in the wrong direction anymore.

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Also, trappers are still way more important because they can do their job MUCH more effectively now that all the pressure of preventing the dome going down is gone. CC is MUCH more punishing in this version. Stasis makes you climb SO slow. Poons lock you and pull you in if you are flying. Without the monster focusing you that means you have MUCH more time to think about placement and really use your CC to the max.


Trappers are more focused in slowing the monster down and doing “slight” damage.


The planet scanner speed boost puts you in the ideal position for getting that dome as fast as possible.

Perhaps Trappers should be renamed Tracker to avoid confusion


They still trap though, Trappers also track so… I say Trapper still makes the most sense m


I understand the reason of these changes, but I don’t like them, and they pretty much ruined the game for me. It feels too damn casual now. So sorry, but game is uninstalled again.


At least you gave it a try, that’s all anyone can ask, have fun with your future gaming :slight_smile:


Not to sound rude, but I don’t think TRS will choose keeping 1 player (you) over keeping the 10 of thousands that have flocked to Evolve.