Old Timers! Your Most Nostalgic EvolveMemory?


Topic. I’ve been here since the forum’s creation, but only signed up in November. I’ve been along for the whole ride, and my favorite part of the year was most likely the time around Christmas- a lot of hype going around, active discussion, with very few “nooby” threads around. My favorite stream was likely the one on Fusion Plant- purely for nostalgia reasons- and my favorite thing about the wild ride we’ve had was the timed release of information that kept us thirsting for more.

Now that it’s all coming to a head, I’d like to ask all the old-timers like me- what was your favorite:

1- Official Livestream?
2- Reveal?
3- Trailer?
4- General time of year?

To all the newer people, you are welcome here too!


The Big Alpha hype thread!

That first day codes got posted, everyone swarmed to that thread. It has like 2000 posts by the end of the first day. Everyone was joking and posting funny gifs, while we waited for more codes. I rode that hypetrain for like 20 hours before finally going to bed. And that thread stayed as the kind of ‘forum hangout’ until after the big alpha. I think its gone now though.

Good times :smile:


I remember looking through that thread. Many derps were had. I think I got a code from there actually!

  1. Probably the E3 streams. Mainly because it was the first real, unedited gameplay we got to see. We were also introduced to “That’s right Jparty!” for the first time.

  2. Wraith had the best reveal with that trailer nailing what fighting Wraith is like perfectly.

  3. Interactive Trailer. First gameplay (though no HUD and it was pretty clearly setup). It really showed what the game was going to be like.

Been here since shortly after the forum was started, so it’s great to come full circle!


The original hh trailer


I have to agree with all these.

That still hurts, man… Still aches. :wink:

Seeing the interactive trailer for the first time was incredible. That was what really, really sealed the deal for me, despite my skepticism.


Not getting into the closed Alpha test. God that felt so long ago.


Kindly pardon me while I (politely?) give a ladylike chuckle at your misfortune. :smile:


Getting into the closed alpha but having a freak storm take out the power for 2 of the 3 days was pretty painful as well, lol.


Just to re-iterate…Hehehehe…


Still got to play it for around 8 hours straight on the last day, totally worth it! (Obviously everyone knows this now but it was quite the privilege back then). :stuck_out_tongue:


Playing Evolve for the first time was like…Woah…


I played Goliath in my first ever game (which is awesome, I love Goliath) but I remember my first hunter game most clearly.

Fighting a stage 3 Goliath at the fusion plant for the first time ever was…quite the experience. Something that BIG being controlled by another player was terrifying and exciting. Plus being in first person while this massive creature threw rocks, jumped at you, smashed you around, just really showed how exhilarating the combat was.


My first Hunter game, I was thrown into my last pref- Support- setting up for a relay fight. It was EPIC. And it made me fall in love with Support. :blush:


That’s awesome! To me that’s the mark of a good game too, something you didn’t think you’d enjoy as much and it turns out it’s one of your favorites.


And that it lets you make your own epic stories/shennanigans.


Putting out fires during the massive Big Alpha thread and calling in SlabOMeat to help when everyone was freaking out that the devs weren’t looking and didn’t care about PS4 players.

Oh, and making friends on here too! The people here are pretty great!


You overestimate our capacity for positive action. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Me playing Evolve at June at Germany.Playing Kraken for the first time.Insta love


Let’s have a look, here!

  1. Favourite livestream was the first one because we got to actually see a live game in action!

  2. My favourite reveal was the 2nd tier Hunters because it introduced me to my most favourite character in any videogame ever! :bucket_salute:

  3. Favourite trailer was the Happy Hunting one, loved the pacing and the song, brilliant first trailer for a game I think!

  4. General time of year? Well I signed up on the forums on February 11 last year. So that’s like, one day after the release date! It’s been a long ride and experienced a lot during that past year making new friends and generally helping everyone out. I look forward to the game’s future too!