Old stuff didnt unlock


When I downloaded your update and installed and launched I played a few games and I immediately noticed none of the things I have unlocked while playing the original game were unlocked any more. Maybe I did something wrong? Just wondering if I could have some help with this please.

THanks :smiley:


What sort of items?


Well some skins and a couple characters, i dont really care about the skins tbh since i never really put any money into the game, the only thing i really care about is no longer be able to play lazarus. All I did was main lazaraus before and now hes no longer unlocked :confused: which yes i realize i can repurchase him with keys but since i had him unlocked before i didnt think id need too


You shouldn’t need to. @mizx @snowkissed any ideas?


does it matter that i never made a 2k account?


Nope, that should have no effect.


kk, just was curious


Can you get us your steam id? On this website, input your Steam name and let me know what the steamID64 is.



EGC Rugrat


and was that what you needed?


Yes, hang tight.


Looking into it now

When you logged in did you get the daily sign in bonus, challenges, and founders reward video?

  • Gertz


yes i believe so, though i shouldnt have founders as i didnt make any micro purchases in game


But you owned the game prior to today correct?

I see you have about 55 hours of game time already


Yep Yep — you have to have 10 characters to make a post.


Ok, we need more info from you!

Can you go to Evolve in your Steam library and right-click on properties and look at the DLC tab to see if “Evolve Founder” is listed there?



When you look at the Evolve Stage 2 in your library do you have the “Evolve Founder” item and is it installed

@snowkissed is too quick


nope dont even have a dlc tab, but again i didnt put any extra money into the game


Can you let me know how you got your copy of Evolve? Is it your copy or are you using family share?


Was using family share with a mate, is that where in the problem lies?


Afraid so. That means that your steam account doesn’t own it and so it doesn’t have Founder status.