Old personal shield still present in game


was watching stream and just saw how Lennox popped personal shield.

It has got the old blue animation ( not the new white one ) and Lennox recieved full shield bar


You were probably seeing the support shield burst. The support shield burst is the same effect as the old assault shield!


does it instantly fills full shield ( shield covering entire health bar) to assault?


Were you watching Tangent?

There was a Lennox and a Bucket and Bucket put a shield on her and popped his ability to do it again. It filled her up.


yes exactly

uh wait

so it can cover full health with shield by 2 shield bursts from bucket?


That wasn’t her personal. Just Buckets ability being awesome.


This is intended! Not a bug!

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Fixed ya! :wink:


In that case…

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You didn’t!

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