OLD OLD games u like and still play ( or played )


For me id say Zoo Tycoon 2, best zoo game ive ever played, Medieval 2 total war also stands out.
You guys :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ?


Hmm. This little messed up game, perhaps :> ?

Still love it.


Got good memories from these games.

But games that got me interested in Evolve?

Also, Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters and Rampage 2: Universal Tour (The first game I remember going in the store to buy with my mom)


I am literally playing Shadow Warrior right now.


I bought the KOTORs on steam just to play them again, I had the original xbox ones


I love this game. Can’t heart the post though. I liked most of the VotM series.

Old Games I still really enjoy. Master of Orion 1 & 2. Lots of Nes/Snes/Sega/PS 1 games. Dungeon Keeper 1 & 2. Deadly Alliance series. Duke Nukem 3D.


My like will cover for youuuurs.


Awww thanks :slight_smile:


I often go back to games like the old smash bros, burnout 3: takedown, and other multiplayer games like Zoids and Custom Robo. For single player, I have an embarrassing love for Digimon World 1. That game was so far ahead of its time.


Halo Combat Evolved :stuck_out_tongue:


I didn’t know anyone else played Metal Arms!

I still enjoy playing all of these:


I just recieved my amazon bought goblin commander. this game is STILL as fun as i remember it as.



Or Tomba! to the US for some reason.

That and my favourite game of all time:


OMG I almost forgot about Tombi! Such a fun little game. BGaE is also a fantastic game! Play it if you get the chance everyone.


Yeah I own BG&E for almost every platform I own, except PC which I need to get soon hopefully! I love the game too darn much.


Psychonauts, Journey and Advent Rising are also high caliber games worth checking out.


Yooooo, Tomba.

Hella, reminded me of Klonoa, Ape Escape and Rayman.

Be right back, gotta download some stuff for my emulators…


Oh, you kids. :grinning:

You said “OLD OLD” and I thought of Zork. Guess I’m an old geezer.


If you want Old Old I looooved me some Space War. One of the best original versus games out there :smiley:


Master of Orion!!! I did a review of Master of Orion 2 for a review site way back when, was one of my favorite reviews I’d written as well. Freaking awesomeness and I wish they could make a proper sequel one day (3 was just “Meh”).